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Generation Kill Release Official Lyric Video for "Dogs Of War"

Thrash outfit Generation Kill released the official lyric video for their single "Dogs of War" today. The track features John Joseph of Cromags and Bloodclot as a guest and is a single off of their newly-released album "MKUltra".

Founder Rob Dukes (formerly of Exodus) commented on the single, "'Dogs of War' was so much fun to write and create with the boys. I said I wanna song that John Joseph will sing on, so that's what Jay Velez and the boys delivered. Then I wrote the lyrics, recorded it and then called John to ask if he will sing on the song. I sent him the track and then 10 minutes later, he called to say that he loved it, so we got him in the studio and he killed it! John has such a distinct voice and style that it just killed on this track. It's such an honor to have one of the entire band's hero on our album."

The "MKUltra" album itself boasts other guests including Gary Holt (Slayer/Exodus), Chris Poland (Megadeth/Ohm), and Grammy Award-winning pianist Ronnie King. (King plays on the final track of the album "La Fin du Monde".) Fans can stream the album in its entirety on all digital platforms.

Watch the lyric video for "Dogs of War" below:


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