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Generation Kill Releases New Album 'MKUltra' Via Blood Blast Distribution + Art Is War Records

Generation Kill Releases New Album 'MKUltra' via Blood Blast Distribution + Art Is War Records

Stream Here | Physical Copies Here

Photo Credit -Travis Ilapit

Thrash powerhouse Generation Kill have today released their new album, 'MKUltra' out via Blood Blast Distribution and Art Is War Records. Prior to today's release, the band has dropped singles "Never Relent" featuring the inimitable Gary Holt, the crushing "Rat King" and most recently, "Into The Black". Generation Kill frontman Rob Dukes commented on today's release:

"MKUltra is one of the best things I’ve done in my musical career. Jay Velez and Jay Trenzer wrote some killer riffs for me to pen lyrics on and Max Velez and Rob Youells put down the bottom end to bring this all together. Once again we focused on giving the listener a rollercoaster ride. Each song has its own pace and when the record is listened to as a whole, it takes you on that ride- it’s not a drag race, it has up and downs. “We’re All Gonna Die” was the bar, and I believe we elevated ourselves to rise above our own bar. The boys played their asses off and I screamed my brains out, I also added some melody and mid-range to balance it all out. I once again used all my vocal range on this one and can say my boys played with all the passion and rage needed to make a great record.

The lyrics are dark. They look into the eyes of mankind and point a finger.

MKUltra brings also a few guests, they loved the songs and were glad to be a part of this album which means the world to us as a band. I hope fans buy this record, sit back, and listen to it from beginning to end. I hope it brings them happiness AND anger, anger that when it’s over, they want more."

Stream 'MKUltra' here and purchase physical copies of the album here.

WATCH: Generation Kill's Music Video "Into The Black"

MKUltra GENERATION KILL Track Listing:

1. Never Relent

2. MKUltra

3. Evil Eye

4. Into the Black

5. Dogs of War

6. Opiate of the Misinformed Masses

7. Rat King

8. Mold of Clay (MKUltra 2)

9. Life of Sin

10. La Fin Du Monde

Generation Kill is an American thrash metal band formed in New York City in 2008 by Rob Dukes (ex-Exodus). Dukes, on hiatus from touring with Exodus, wanted to funnel his excess creative energy and aggression into something new. After the inclusion of Jason Trenczer, Lou Lehman, and Sam Inzerra, the band began writing and recording their first album, "Red, White, & Blood”, featuring several hit singles including, “Feast for the Wolves” and “Hate” as well as a cover of the Nine Inch Nails track “Wish” which enjoyed heavy radio rotation.

Due to creative differences with Inzerra and the untimely death of guitarist Lou Lehman, Jay Velez and Jim DeMaria (Heathen) joined and began recording their sophomore album, "We're All Gonna Die" with renowned producer Zuess (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed). Shortly after its release, the band embarked on a European tour with fellow Exodus member Lee Altus’ band, Heathen. The album spawned several successful singles, including “Prophets of War” which went to number one on Sirius Liquid Metal’s “Dirty Dozen” and remained one of the top requested songs on the channel.

Following the success of their second album, drummer Rob Youells joined the band and they went into the studio, this time with Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal to record an album with founding member of Run-D.M.C, Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels. The project was initially titled DMC Generation Kill before becoming its own entity, later renamed Fragile Mortals. Currently, the band is recording the follow-up to “We’re All Gonna Die”, teaming up once again with Zuess, Youells returning on the drums and with a new member, Max Velez on bass.

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