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Give In Drop New Single "Flinch"

Give In Drop New Single "Flinch"

Pop rock band Give In have released their new single and music video "Flinch," out on all digital platforms NOW. "Flinch" was written about an edgy, personal story that found lead vocalist Chase Eden scarily falling asleep at the wheel on a late night drive home. Sonically, the track pulls inspiration from the fear of the experience, pulling out 90's arena energy and punchy, vivid vocals. Give In is fully embracing the role of content creator - packing each release with a wide range of content for listeners to indulge in. Big, bold, and filled to the brim with style, Give In is a band that listeners will latch onto.About "Flinch," the band states:

The inspiration for Flinch came from an experience where I fell asleep at the wheel, coming home from a partner's house, and was awoken by oncoming headlights just in time to swerve back into my lane. The song became my public acknowledgement that I continually let my lack of self esteem put me in dangerous situations, oftentimes with less than ideal company. However, I wasn’t going to go down alone. If I was going to admit this, I had to acknowledge all of the ways the partner was failing at being a human being as well. It’s a two way street after all.

Give In is a Los Angeles based rock band that combines the post-hardcore tendencies from their youth with a modern rock edge. In January 2018, lead singer Chase Eden entered the studio with Jim Kaufman (Anti-Flag, Danny Worsnop, Night Riots) to record their debut EP "Modern Mirror". Originally released under a different name (The Vain), Chase found himself as the sole member of the band and began building a new group. Guitarist Brian McShea and Drummer Jordan Williamson soon joined, while Chase recruited long-time friend and bandmate Sam Laponis on bass. With a complete band and new name, Give In jumped back in the studio with Jim Kaufman to track an all new E.P.

“Coming Home” and it’s corresponding video was released in November 2019 while Give In traveled through Southern California playing shows. Constrained by COVID-19 in 2020, the band focused on creating content for the release of the EP. After months of operating behind the scenes, Give In reemerged with their first song of 2021 “Finsta”. This was boldly followed by the anthemic breakup song “Overrated”, released in March, and the pop-punk banger “Second Story” in July.

Give In - "Flinch" music video


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