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Grounding & Galactic Avant Psych Pop // New Single

Rosie Tee is a Birmingham based composer/performer who forges an innovative, atmospheric blend of electronica, psych and avant-pop amongst the industrial backdrop of the UK's second city.

Through an explorative approach to songwriting Rosie emits joy for the experimental. Her crystalline vocals meander between dark, forceful beats and fragile melodic contours. The sporadic movements of her synth-heavy sound are anchored only by the use of striking, minimal structures. Rosie collaborates closely with her quartet, touring across the UK with a line-up of vocals & glockenspiel, off-kilter synths (Piera Onacko), swarming bass (Dan Cippico) and textural drums (Kai Chareunsy). Together, they ebb and flow between digital and analogue worlds, most at home on the stage of their intoxicating live performances.

Off of her upcoming EP, Earth, Embrace Me In, her new track “Anchors” is a whirlwind of avant-pop with a flush of psychedelic electronica, resulting in a grounding yet galactic trip through the songwriter’s creativity and artistic ability. The dark, lumbering track carries a heavy weight to it musically, where a forbidding and cyclical synth motif under-currents floating vocals with minimal, yet fierce, drums. Rosie confides, “Anchors conjures up the sensation of an identity crisis. I wrote it at a time when I was away from home for an extended period. I had an unexpected realisation that when you take away your friends, family, partner, city and all the immediate things that make up who you are – what’s left? Alone, who are you without those integral components that contribute to your sense of belonging and identity? This moment taught me how to appreciate what I’d left behind, whilst also being a golden opportunity to get to know myself away from that safety net. The lyrics sum up how badly I wanted to hold onto these comforting notions of ‘self’, to tie an anchor and not drift away.”


Rosie and her quartet have had the privilege of recording at Abbey Road Studios, which later featured in Songwriting Magazine UK. Following the release of her 2019 EP Chambers, the bandreceived a nomination for Best Jazz Act by the Birmingham Music Awards. Her orchestral-style arrangements for the band are often mirrored in her compositions for professional ensembles. Notably, Surround conducted by Julian Lloyd Webber, performed by Orchestra of the Swan and Towards performed by the Dutch-ensemble Orkest De Ereprijs.

Earth, Embrace Me In, the upcoming EP from Rosie Tee, surfaces as a love letter for a dying planet. A collection of bittersweet songs set for release on 1.10.12 and pressed on 12” vinyl for the first time.

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