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Hail Satan's "Rad Metal"

Hail Satan, a party thrash band that plays "Rad Metal" based out of Denver, Colorado. This band is made up of vocalist Jake Fairly, drummer Spencer Lee, guitarist Bruce Gasiorowski, and bassist Dakota Bentley.

They recently released their EP called "Rad Metal," this band gives me some Steel Panther/ Andrew W.K. vibes but with thrash instrumentals.  "Born To Win" is the most fun track off of this EP, it's riot to say the least. "I'm doing drugs; I'm getting laid; I'm eating pizza every day...". However, it still is strong on the instrumentals.

"I Will Eat You" is pretty much their way of telling Nazis, don't mess with us, or we will eat you! Nothing sounds like a worse threat than being eaten alive. "Burn The Blood" is the best out of the short five track EP, that song has a killer guitar riff and bitchin' vocals.

This EP has some weak points, and I think it could be improved overall with consistency, and the sound could be cleaner but I really want to see what these guys do next, they're a riot!! I rate this EP 7/10

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