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Handsome Pants Is Here To Get Your Unstuck With Energetic, Peppy “Rut”

Handsome Pants Is Here To Get Your Unstuck With Energetic, Peppy “Rut” Premiere Single via TheObelisk

L-R: Jordan Nodwell - Bass, Chuck Smith - Harmonica, Kyle Nodwell - Drums, Andrew Bateman - Guitar, Vocals

Photo Credit - Zac Sanford Handsome Pants is the kind of band that shows up to a gig dressed haphazardly in mismatched Value Village clothes they picked out for each other. The kind of band that doesn’t take themselves seriously just wants to rock out and have a good time with their fans. Handsome Pants proves fun does not be sacrificed to make lively, highly creative music. 

Loud and obnoxious is the name of the game for Handsome Pants and the rambunctious uniqueness really shines through with their new single, “Rut” which follows a concept that a lot of people are familiar with. The feeling of being stuck in a rut and turning to alcohol. The band explains the single in more depth: 

“Rut is the second release in our early existence as a band. This song is something Andrew has been sitting on for a long time and rewriting lyrics. Finally finding the right content and lyrics putting it together at this time seems perfect. It seems to relate to a lot of people right now and what they are going through with the pandemic and everything else happening right now.”

The most mainstream track the band has to date still holds on to its originality with the layered vocals and prominent harmonica. 

“Rut” is suitable for all kinds of rock radio, it’s punchy and tight, for fans of Royal Blood, Highly Suspect, and Clutch, Handsome Pants is just getting started and anticipates more music coming down the pipe. Listen to "Rut" via its premiere on HERE

More info:

EPK About: Emerging from the remnant of another band, Jordan Nodwell (bass), Kyle Nodwell (drums), and Andrew Bateman (guitar/vocals), created Handsome Pants to get the fulfillment they missed. Looking to add something a little extra, they found Chuck Smith who rocks the harmonica, bringing with him a unique and different element that is layered with effect and not the conventional lyric or style. Bateman has historically written the majority of ideas for songs and of late Smith and Nodwell have come up with song good song ideas. Once the idea is brought to the table the rest of the band throws in ideas and parts that make the song better and sometimes an unseen turn around on the song for the better. Loud, and obnoxious, Handsome Pants is the kind of band that plays a gig clad in loud thrift store clothes they picked out for each other. Fun, lively and no pretentious attitudes is half of the Handsome Pants formula, the other being unique, punchy, and tight music for listeners of all kinds. Handsome Pants is currently not focused on completing an album, just making good music on their time, song by song.

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