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Hard Rock/Metal Band PREY FOR SUNDAY Release New Single "BROKEN HEARTED MAN" + Official Music Video

Prey For Sunday Music can be Streamed/Downloaded at the following locations:

Hard Rock/ Metal band Prey for Sunday released their new single "Broken Hearted Man" to all digital platforms! The single is off of their self-titled EP that is now available!

Prey For Sunday -Broken Hearted Man (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO):

"The Song Broken Hearted Man is a true story based on the life of my brother Justin Persico. He’s my younger brother, so that was fun, but anyone who has brothers know what I mean. Let’s just say it can go both ways quick. The story follows us as we were teens growing up in Seneca IL. It's a coming of age kinda tale I guess" says Tony Persico, the band's vocalist.

He adds, "Most times were good, but when drugs and drinking started happening on the reg it also simultaneously started us down a wrong path and at times the video depicts what that was like too see your younger brother who you love, slip into that hard place; a hard place that’s also very difficult too be delivered from. This was a hard story to tell, a familiar story that I'm sure people have probably went threw themselves. As time goes on and a ton of arguments and fights later - as he’s being pulled through the wall its a reminder too us all that your prayers will breakthrough."

Prey for Sunday is a Hard Rock/ Metal band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 2018. Founded by Guitarist/Songwriter Neal Grusky, and Lead Singer/Songwriter Tony Persico.

Neal and Tony worked with Producer/Songwriter Peter Strzelecki to write and record the first Prey For Sunday album. Realizing the immediate chemistry they shared a vision; a need to create a unique, memorable sound that would go on to become Prey for Sunday – Music that’s made to stand the test of time. They pride themselves in creating musically dynamic songs, with meaningful, melodic, and “like it is” lyrical content.

The collective members of “Prey For Sunday” have been involved in bands that have released over 7 albums worldwide, participated in world tours, received extensive radio play, magazine exposure, and featured in three books. As well as having sold CD’s, and music streams that have exceeded over 100,000 plays/streams thus far.

Prey For Sunday works as a band that dedicates themselves to their fans and the pursuit of meaningful successful songs, With music and songwriting as one of its strongest assets, the band continues to improve, evolve, and commit themselves to the music that moves weary hearts.


1.Don't Let It End

2.Broken Hearted Man

3.Mary Go Round

4.Zombies Restored

5.Right From Wrong

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