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Heavy Metal Tribute Heroes TRAGEDY Release Cover of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”

NYC Hit Reinventors TRAGEDY Release Remastered Heavy Metal Version of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”

Watch the Cinematic Music Video HERE!

Metal-Meets-Disco Favorites Collection, Disco Balls to the Wall, out July 30, 2021 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!

[photo credit: Michael Blase]

Get the party started with the hottest metal tribute to The Bee Gees and beyond! New York based cover song reinventors TRAGEDY sweat glitter with their heavy metal induced interpretation of all time disco, soft-rock and pop favorites on their remastered “best-of” album, Disco Balls to the Wall (out July 30 via Napalm Records), and fuel the party feeling even more with the new single “Sweet Caroline”!

Dive into TRAGEDY’s mind-blowing interpretation of the Neil Diamond anthem, including heavy riffs and organ, and follow the band deep into the woods of their music video. But beware, you might get lost, as you’ll never imagine what happened there...

Watch the story of when TRAGEDY met “Sweet Caroline” HERE:

[Shot in the woods and at the Church of Satan, in Kenvil NJ Directed by Peter Kohl Director of Photography: Eric Giovan]

Did TRAGEDY get turned into vampires? And what does Neil Diamond have to do with this?


"This is the true story of when we went into the woods to shoot a music video, then things turned all Blair Witch and True Blood on us. An unlikely scenario, for sure. But no more unlikely than a metal tribute to the Bee Gees doing a King Neil Diamond song! The chilling tale of when "sweet" Caroline and her creatures set their sights on a group of innocent, handsome, muscular musicians, luring them to their untimely undeaths.”

Pre-Order Disco Balls to the Wall NOW

TRAGEDY strike solid gold with Disco Balls to the Wall!

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate disco or metal - you will unabashedly love TRAGEDY and their bombastic, crazy mix of disco, metal, glitter and revelry! The band’s first offering with Napalm Records will include TRAGEDY’s unique twist on hits such as Abba’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” and “Dancing Queen”, Toto’s “Africa”, Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” and Adele’s intense super-hymn ''Skyfall”, just to name a few. These fearsome brothers drop the perfect selection of all-time favorite disco, soft-rock and pop favorites – completely reimagining them as glorious, red-hot heavy metal treatments.

Get your body shaking when TRAGEDY start to rock out with The Bee Gee’s “How Deep Is Your Love”, “Stayin’ Alive” and “Tragedy”, and headbang to the tunes of Slayer’s heavy riffing thrash thunder “Raining Blood” combined with “It’s Raining Men” from American duo The Weather Girls in a way absolutely never heard before. Disco Balls to the Wall is finally topped by a smashing live version of Donna Summer’s fabulous “Hot Stuff”, featuring Alex Skolnick of Testament on lead guitar.


Disco Balls to the Wall is the biggest, sexiest collection of hits we've ever released. It’s as if the Bee Gees turned into werewolves, ate some teens, then bred with the local dog population; thus creating the world's most beastly recordings of disco and soft-rock songs ever made. Sharing this album with your friends and lovers will make you 500% more desirable.”

Back in 2015, TRAGEDY broke the internet with the viral video for their energetic take on the Grease soundtrack classic, “You’re the One That I Want”.

Re-Watch the video for “You’re the One That I Want” HERE:

TRAGEDY’s past releases have charted on the NACC Heavy Top 10, the band was awarded a 2019 Album of the Year nod by the Necrosexual via Metal Injection, and were described as “one of the hottest bands on the internet” by Loudwire. Due to their energizing and captivating live performance, TRAGEDY have already turned venues all around the globe into a hefty disco metal night and are absolutely ready to spread their glittered wings even further with their upcoming, dominating album of “best-of” favorites, Disco Balls to the Wall. This hilarious party won’t stop as long as there’s a repeat button to push heavily!

Disco Balls to the Wall Track listing:

1. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)

2. You're The One That I Want

3. Evil / Baker Street

4. Stayin' Alive

5. Sweet Caroline

6. Raining Blood / It's Raining Men

7. How Deep Is Your Love

8. Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In

9. Africa

10. Total Eclipse Of The Heart

11. Tragedy

12. Dancing Queen

13. Skyfall

14. Hot Stuff

Disco Balls to the Wall will be available in the following formats: - 2-LP Gatefold (Orange transparent) - strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide - 1-CD Digipack - Digital Album

[2-LP Gatefold (Orange transparent) - strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide - Napalm Mailorder only]


Disco Mountain Man - lead vocals, lead keyboards

Mo'Royce Peterson - lead vocals, lead guitar

Andy Gibbous Waning - lead bass, lead vocals

Garry Bibb - lead guitar, lead vocals

The Lord Gibbeth - lead drums

Lance - towel boy, complete idiot

TRAGEDY online:

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