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Held In Secret Premiere New Single 'Nomads' ft. Silent Planet’s Garrett Russell

Held In Secret Premiere New Single 'Nomads' ft.Silent Planet’s Garrett Russell New EP "Nomads" Out May 29th

L-R - David Lamothe (Lead Guitar), Matt Zephyr (Vocals), Tommy Lemieux (Drums), Joey Sollazzo (Rhythm Guitar), William Gunn (Bass)

Photo Credits: Roxanne Morin of Hexagon Productions Held In Secret are five hardworking individuals who spend every day creating the heaviest and djentiest listening experience known to the Ottawa metal scene. On May 29th, 2020, they will release their sophomore effort “Nomads” and before it officially drops, the band is sharing another single off the EP, the title track featuring Silent Planet vocalist Garrett Russell. Listen to 'Nomads' ft. Garrett Russell (Silent Planet) via its premiere on New Fury Media HERE. The band adds about the story behind the track and how Russell joined them on vocals: "'Nomads', the title track off our EP, talks about the abuse of Indigenous culture in Canada and The United States. We made it the title track right as the clean water crisis happened in Canada. It’s hard to imagine that in 2020, First Nations in Canada could lack access to clean drinking water in their own territories, but many do. In fact, 400 out of 618 First Nations were under at least one water advisory between 2004 and 2014. When we first met Mr. Russell, Silent Planet was opening for August Burns Red in Montreal. We went to speak to him at the merch table as nervous fans. We told him about the concept of the record plus the various messages we are trying to get out there with our music and how we love to have him guest vocals. He really dug the ideas involved and said he be happy to lend his voice to the cause. We're so thankful to Russell, an amazing person, and talent." “Nomads” is, according to the band, an improvement from their debut EP. “Nomads” is a concept release with highly relatable subjects, set to clean and heavy metalcore. Moving away from “repetitive early 2010’s metalcore”, Held In Secret diverges into a more accessible sound, interesting to a broader public, incorporating choirs and piano, all while retaining all of the heaviness of the first EP. 

Recommended for fans of Silent Planet, Volumes and Architects, “Nomads” will be available on all digital platforms including SpotifyApple Musicand Amazon. First single 'Static' available HERE.

Track Listing: 1. Ties (4:31) 2. Nomads (feat. Garrett Russell) (3:31) 3. Downcast (3:55) 4. Gaia (3:31) 5. Static (3:44) EP Length: 19:15

For more info: EPK About: Held In Secret was impulsively founded in January of 2016 by Matt J. Zephyr (vocals) and David Lamothe (lead guitar) with the explicit goal of taking over the world. Since then, they have been joined by a great family of like-minded people with the addition of William Gunn (bass), Tommy Lemieux (drums) and Joey Sollazzo (rhythm guitar).

These five individuals work hard every day to create the heaviest and Djentiest listening experience known to the Ottawa metal scene. Wanting the listeners to feel like they are understood, the lyrics from Held In Secret paint pictures of trauma, despair, and hope.

On December 7th, 2018, Held In Secret released their debut EP “Dawnbreaker” (Produced by Dark Moon Productions). After a year of performances, our protagonists came together in the studio once again to produce their sophomore effort called “Nomads” set for release on May 29, 2020.

Taking pride in what they do, Held in Secret ensures a wild ride for their audience as Zephyr climbs structures while scream-rapping extra multisyllabic lines; Lamothe, Gunn, and Sollazzo sing backup while shredding, jumping around and headbanging; often jumping off stage to get in the pit. The intense stage presence continues with Lemieux banging it out, full throttle behind the kit.

Held In Secret is just warming up, they have more live shows planned, as well as more music has been written ready to follow “Nomads”. Keep an ear out!

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