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Hellborn Militia (USA) - 'From Acoustic Beginnings' (Metal)

Hellborn Militia (USA) - 'From Acoustic Beginnings' (Metal) Introducing the new release from Hellborn Militia (USA) - ' From Acoustic Beginnings ' EP

Hellborn Militia is a South Texas based metal band. Formed in 2005-2006. The beginning phase of the band was acoustic collaborations. When the two guitar players Pablo Ybarra and Joe Jaramillo mixed the electric guitar and metal styling, a different trip began and has long been established. They have garnered attention in the newspapers, internet media, metal network, and music community.

After all the beers, whiskey, tequila, sweat and blood, they have organized the TRUE SOUTHERN HELLRAZORS into the band HELLBORN MILITIA . This is a combination of influences from different types of music which is a conversation in its own. Just enjoy and appreciate we will bring you the rest.

Hellborn Militia isn't just heavy metal it is lead metal !

The album "From Acoustic Beginnings" was released on Spotify and Amazon.

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