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Honeybee Self Titled Album Review

Watch out and make sure you don't get stung by these guys unless it's their new EP in your eardrums. On May 27th, Honeybee's, Honeybee debuted and is astonishing for a band that is so young and so talented. Their drummer is only 11 years old and can keep a beat like a seasoned musician that has been playing in bands for years. The oldest of the three pieces is only 16, Liam Williams, frontman and lead singer. These three kids got a sound that bites. It has a crunch but accomaines nicely with their poppy-like melodies. Imagine if Hanson actually made good music and had a darkness to their platter within their lyrics. Honeybee, while their lyrics seem appropriate for their age, you can tell the emotional maturity in their writing isn't quite there just yet. But for a debut and for being 16 and under, their talent, presence, and musical ability are spectacular. The only way these kids can go is up. Their sound is raw, electric, and chomps down hard with a mix of almost psychedelic folk with metal. William's voice is perfect for the band, and it has that haunting ballad voice you can imagine from 80s hair bands but in a more hollow tone. He can scream, sing, and everything in between. This may not be a top ten album in the likes of other bands, but for a debut and being so young, you have to give credit where credit is due, and I tip my hat to Honeybee. At 16, I wish I was talented and able to write songs as well as they could. Their first track, Get Out of My Head, is fast-paced, bitey, and filled with nothing but soul. This track alone comes out of the gate swinging, showing you these three great musicians' potential and raw talent

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