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Houston, Texas Classic Rock Sound Tracing Paces New Single "NO MORE"


Houston, Texas, Tracing Paces release their new single "No More", delivering a taste of an audio feast inspired by '70s and '80s rock. Band members Jason Oquendo- Vocalist, Mateo Maldonado- Guitarist, Will Sadler- Drummer, Alex Booth- Bassist, and Jesse Li- Keyboardist are focused on their goal to create and pursue their own brand of classic rock n roll. Their single release "No More" confirms this undertaking as you listen to the solid musical roots pulsing through.


'"No More", is nothing less than a powerful call to action, empowering listeners to let go of the things that weigh them down, and reach the potential they always knew they had. As we in the band well know, resistance to change is a natural part of the human condition, but there comes a time, when we all have to say "No More" to the old ways of life and focus on the new. With this as our anthem, we aim to foster a connection with every listener through our music, on a deep and personal level, unlocking common emotions through this song and every track to come."' -Tracing Paces

Based in Houston, Texas, Tracing Paces is on a mission to re-vitalize rock and roll. Fronted by powerhouse vocalist Jason Oquendo, and backed by a funk and blues-inspired 4 piece, the group cultivates a sound that is a unique mixture of new and classic rock. Described by writer and drummer Will Sadler as "beautiful chaos", this unique mold of influences in the creative process generates an unexpected harmony, one yet to be heard in the genre.

After the release of their debut single, "Hold On", an upbeat, arena rock classic, the group moves to explore different emotions and influences with their second single, "No More". The track, "A heavy-hitting blues-rock masterpiece" as described by writer and guitarist Mateo Maldonado, lyrically explores the experience of letting go when perseverance can only get you so far. "I really just write what bubbles up, " says singer and lyricist Jason O. "I ride the emotions brought up by whatever the band is playing and tap into that part inside myself. I've found there's always someone out there who's going through the same things as I am in this life, and so as long as what I write is true to me, someone out there will always connect."

This tendency and ability to weave a story into their music, paired with outstanding musicianship and unparalleled production, is what makes Tracing Paces stand apart from the rest. With their sights set on a full project release in the coming months, and a summer tour of Texas, Tracing Paces plans to continue to tell this story, to anyone who might find themselves listening.


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