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Indie/Alternative Artist Greg Hill Announces New EP "Better Love," Out 12/4

Indie/Alternative Artist Greg Hill Announces New EP "Better Love," Out 12/4

Photo: Ava Pellor

Indie/alternative artist Greg Hill has announced the upcoming release of his new EP, "Better Love," out on all digital platforms 12/4/2020. His third EP of 2020, Greg embarked on re-examining and re-releasing previous works throughout the years. As his sound continued to evolve over time, experimentation allowed him to look at his previous work through a different glass. The EP is filled with an array of different musical elements, including influences of indie, alt, and bedroom pop, making the collection a must-hear eclectic mix. About "Better Love," he states:

During the making of the “Better Love” EP in 2018, I was dealing with the feelings of not getting over a past relationship, and a longing to find that “better love,” as it were. Fortunately I had found just that, but I still had to finish these songs! I had to free myself of the doubt that there wasn’t any true meaning behind what I was doing. There was, and the realization I had was there’s always something more out there to explore, whether it be a relationship, making a new type of song/sound or even the world around you. There is always “better love.” There is always hope! This EP encapsulates those feelings of “will I ever reach my goals?” “What if..” this and “What if..” that. There is no “what if!” It is what “is” that’s important.

Greg Hill is an independent multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer, songwriter, and bedroom pop artist based in Buffalo, NY. At just 22 years old now, Greg has been honing his ability to play, write and record well before he could even drive. While living in his hometown of Elmira, NY, Greg played the drums (his primary instrument) in bands Groton Ave. and Sun Pilot. Groton Ave. recorded 2 EPs with Doug White at Watchmen Studios in Buffalo, NY, and helped self produce a 2 track single for Sun Pilot.

His solo career started in 2016 when he recorded an album’s worth of rock, acoustic and singer-songwriter songs. He titled the album “I Promise I’m Clean; Haven’t Done a Thing.” He released the record on all platforms in 2017, and swiftly deleted it, thinking it was not within his full potential. He then morphed his sound, recording as much music as he could. He experimented with synthesizers and programmed drums, writing songs about anxiety, loneliness, heartbreak, and eventually “waking up” as he puts it. A common trend of his story is recording EPs and albums, putting them out for short periods of time, and removing them from the internet. This all changed in 2020 when Sun Pilot parted ways. He decided to listen to his old music on his laptop, and quickly realized he has had his sound for years while trying to find “it.”

Greg’s plan was, and still is simple. He must simply put out his “old” music to show the progression of his story. He has done, and continues to do, just that. He re-released his first record “I Promise I’m Clean…” in August of 2020, and told fans to be looking out for 3 EP releases before the year 2020 ends. In October, he released “The Origin of Species” EP, and in November, released “On the Blank Screen.” Greg’s third installment comes in the form of “Better Love.” All three of these projects were recorded and fully mixed by himself from the fall of 2017 to the winter of 2018. He remastered them, and sent them out the door, no longer waiting in the “vault,” or as you may call it - an iTunes folder. 2020 will end with 4 Greg Hill projects spanning from 2016 to 2018.


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