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Indie-Pop Artist DALBY Drops New Single "PROM!"

Following her super catchy single release "BITTER" (produced by Grammy Award-Winning producer TRICKY STEWART), summer of 2022, Atlanta-based pop-indie artist DALBY BIEHL teams back up with acclaimed writer/producer Dylan Rouda for this perfectly timed new single "PROM!"

PROM! is a very upbeat anthem song with attitude and anger. DALBY channels her inner Avril Lavigne & Taylor Swift (her unsympathetic and edgy mentors) for this song as it has a punk rock vibe mixed with modern day pop.

DALBY will be performing her new single (+ a few cover songs) live as a surprise pop-up appearance at PROM Night across the country!

Songwriters: DALBY Biehl and Dylan Rouda Vocal Arrangment: DALBY Biehl, Dylan Rouda, and Necia Gates Produced by: Dylan Rouda Performed by: DALBY Biehl

“This song was so much fun because one of my favorite people in the world is the producer for this song, Dylan Rouda. We met in April of 2022 and everything we have worked on together has just sounded incredible and he just gets the sound that I look for," Dalby commented.

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