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Indie rock band The Intemperate Sons released their new single "Running Man"

"This track is a collaboration with Tony Franklin (fretless bass) from The Firm, Whitesnake, and Blue Murder. It was mixed by Amir Derakh from Julien-K, Orgy, and Dead by Sunrise. The idea behind the song is fighting back from the bottom and the demons that haunt you in the quest." says the band.

The Intemperate Sons will be filming a live in studio acoustic set on 7/12 at The Kitchen Recording Studios in Dallas, TX.

Formed in the summer of 2019, The Intemperate Sons are an indie-rock band that are the perfect concoction of hard rock mixed with folk, grunge, and alt sensibilities. The band hails from Dallas, Texas and have earned a reputation of writing and performing songs that scratch deep into the groove of the human experience. The band’s music is deeply eclectic across the rock genre with powerful vocal harmonies to tie their melodies together. Fronted by Max Watson (lead vocals, guitars, keys) who plays alongside Jake Watson (guitars, backing vocals) and Mark Marks (Bass), and anchored by Keith Watson (drums, backing vocals, primary lyricist) they form what is a tight knit rock and roll band that is The Intemperate Sons.

The Intemperate Sons Show Dates:

Sat Jun 25 @ Six Springs Tavern in Richardson, TX w/Flash Mob, Dark Avenue

Sat Jul 2 @ Amplified Live in Dallas, TX

Sat Aug 6 @ Mavericks Bar & Grill in Arlington, TX

Fri Aug 12 @ O'Riley's in Dallas, TX

Sat Sep 3 @ Rob's Billiards Sports Bar in Euless, TX w/ Natural Born Thrillers

Fri Oct 7 @ Mavericks Bar & Grill in Arlington, TX w/ Natural Born Thrillers

Sat Nov 5 @ O'Riley's in Dallas, TX

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