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Interview with Jessica Luise

Hey guys, check out Eve's interview with Jessica Luise, whose third single, ‘NICE TRY’ is out on the 22nd of January.

Eve: You've had two singles. Tell us more about them, please. Jessica: Better Place was my first single, it is a song about breaking away from someone you love and the inner struggle of dealing with that, I love this song because its so honest, the production is really stripped back and I love the rawness of it. Television Mister is my second single and that is honestly just a song that came to me after fancying a character in a film, I wrote it in like ten minutes and its become one of my strongest songs, its very flirty and playful and it was fun to show that side to me in a song. Emmy: "Nice Try" is the third single in a row. What do we have to know about this track? Jessica: This track is all about falling in love with someone you shouldn't, it really is the battle between head and heart in a song. It was incredibly cathartic for me to write and record and I feel that I am starting to come into my own as an artist. Eve: You mentioned that the song is a transition between your previous single, 'Television Mister', and something much bigger. Can you tell us about what that much bigger thing exactly is?

Jessica: My previous singles were me experimenting with my style and learning the basics of songwriting and production. Although I have much to learn, I really do feel like I am becoming an artist that knows exactly who she is and where she wants to be. So much so that I am starting to work on bigger projects that I can't quite tell you about just yet!

Eve: The single is about "the battle between head and heart". What helped you close this chapter of your life?

Jessica: Writing music, learning to love myself and my body again and building really strong relationships with my friends and family. Having a good support network helps you to understand what you need and what you can move on from. Eve: Who have influenced you during your career?

Jessica: I always say my family when I get asked this question and that answer will never change. They are so supportive of me and they are incredibly skilled and strong. I can thank them for all the drive and confidence that I have! Music wise I am in awe of artists such as Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush, I think they are true icons, especially for a woman in music. Eve: What are your plans for the future?

Jessica: After this year I just want to have time to produce as much music as I can, I want to be gigging again and I can't wait to work on new projects with people!

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