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JACK McBANNON Releases New Video and Single “The Long Road Ahead”

JACK McBANNON Releases New Video and Single “The Long Road Ahead”

New Album, True Stories, Drops February 19, 2021 via Rodeostar Records

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[Photo: Frank Metzemacher]

German singer-songwriter JACK McBANNON began his consistent career as a real DIY artist. His last two studio albums were written, recorded, produced by himself – a strong nod to his passion and persistence as an artist.

JACK McBANNON has just released his brand new single, “The Long Road Ahead”, via Rodeostar/Napalm Records, taken from his upcoming emotive new album True Stories, to be released on February 19, 2021.

True Stories is more than just another singer-songwriter album, it’s a trademark - JACK McBANNON’s individual musicality is not only audible, but perceptible with every note he plays and sings. His warm and slightly raspy voice coalesces with his music to create a unique sound combining modern acoustic rock, blues and country, paired with incredibly personal lyrics.

Listen to “The Long Road Ahead” and watch the video

Jack McBannon is a traveler, and this is exactly what “The Long Road Ahead” is about.

“I’ve been touring the US, Canada, Russia and Europe and this song really reflects what it takes to live a life on the road: hotel-rooms, endless roads, being alone and missing your significant other. I really love it but as everything it sometimes has its downside and “The Long Road Ahead”is a reflection of both sides.”

The Long Road Ahead” is a bluesy country rock song, that perfectly transports its vibe: driving down an endless road that grants you the romantic freedom of a road movie.

JACK McBANNON‘s “The Long Road Ahead “ is out now on all Streaming Services!

Coming February 19th as CD (Limited Edition) and Digital formats on Rodeostar Records. True Stories is now available to pre-order here.

True Stories Cover Artwork

True Stories Track Listing:

01) Right Here

02) Set Me Free

03) The Snowflake

04) Together

05) Here’s A Winner

06) Dancing In The Rain

07) An Outlaw`s Inner Fight

08) Motel 81

09) Walking In The Dark

10) The Long Road Ahead

11) Runaway Me

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