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Jeremy Edge Releases New Single "The World is Gone"

Jeremy Edge and his solo project (The Jeremy Edge Project) released their single "The World Is Gone" today. The new Edge song gives listeners a peek at what's to come for his upcoming 2022 release "Coral Castles Vol 1 and 2". It is available to stream on all digital platforms and for purchase on the iTunes Store.

"I wanted to do something kinda stripped down that is a more traditional jazz / blues progression. We put the rhythm guitar, bass and drums in the room and just jammed this one and I wanted to really capture the sound of the room, like the band was playing in a small club," he stated about creating the "The World is Gone". "I approached this lyrically from the perspective of a couple who had big plans and dreams and had those disrupted by some of the events that happened in the world, thus changing all of those plans and creating a distance."

This month, Jeremy Edge returns to the studio to finish work on his upcoming release with Grammy nominated producer/engineer Mike Feretti. He and The Jeremy Edge Project (bassist John Delowery and drummer Ray Gieda) are also touring northern PA and NY state this summer.

Find the list of upcoming show dates below:


5/7 - Crimson House - Pottsville, PA

5/22 - Reverb with Jackyl - Reading, PA

5/28 - Tap at Humboldt Depot - Hazleton, PA

6/5 - Shy Bear Brewing - Lewistown, PA

6/24 - Alive After Five Concert Series - Elmira, NY

6/25 - Moe Town with Randy Hansen Hendrix Experience - Addison, NY

7/30 - Oregon Hill Winery - Morris Run, PA

8/26 - Austin Dam Show (Remembering the music of "FREE”) - Austin, PA


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