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Jerry Cantrell "Brightens" the Roxian Theatre

The riff lord and man known for being one of the main and original members of Alice In Chains recently released his first solo record since 2002 back in October. On March 31, 2022, he stopped in Pittsburgh in support of the "Brighten" tour.

The set was a mix of Alice in Chains songs as well as a mix of his three studio solo records. He played known Alice songs such as "Rooster", "Man in the Box", and "No Excuses". Some notable solo songs featured included "Angel Eyes", "Cut You In", and "Atone", which was the lead single from the last record.

I cannot stress how incredible this project sounds live. Even with a few microphone glitches, Cantrell still proved time and time again why he's one of the greatest in rock.

Hearing an almost sold out crowd changing "Jerry! JERRY!" and seeing his face glow with happiness could make any Chains fans heart warm.

Check out the rest of the Brighten dates below and definitely don't miss this banger tour.

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