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This awesome, female-fronted rock band was formed back in 2011 and has its roots in Detroit. They won several awards (for instance, two Detroit Music Awards in 2015 for "Outstanding Rock/Pop Group" and "Outstanding Rock Recording"). They were also named the "Best Band in Detroit" in 2013 and 2014. Their 2017 album, Experience made them win the "Outstanding Heavy Rock Group" award, too.

If you want my honest opinion, they're a real hidden gem, and although, I was a a little bit late with discovering them, I'm glad I found them. How does the saying go? Better late than never, right?

Photo taken from Kaleido's Facebook

When I listened to the special edition of their 2017 album, there were many thoughts circling around in my head, but one thing is sure: I enjoyed every bit of it because it is diverse. It changes from song to song. I dig it very much. Blue Collar Delight is a pretty rad start to the album with its guitar licks and raw energy which go on until track 5. Track no. 5, Trouble In Paradise is my personal favorite from the album. The way it starts reminds me of a circus theme, which immediately turns into this funky-groovy kind of tune. It's simply fun to listen to all over again.

Their badass singer, Christina's voice resembles of Gwen Stefani of No Doubt here and there.

The next song, Balcony gives me a little bit of Evanescence vibe and therefore, takes me back to my adolescence, while All Together is somewhat mellowish with sexy guitar sounds. The sweet rock n' roll feeling is then back with the special editions of Unbreakable and My Rock N Roll. The album ends the way it started: raw and full of energy, giving it a nice frame.

Ath the beginning I said one thing is sure, that I enjoyed it. Actually, there's another thing that I am sure about regarding them: they gained a new fan - me. Thank you, Kaleido. If you haven't happened to bump into this band and this album yet, I'd suggest you to give a listen to it. It will take you to a crazy journey.

The band released the video for their song "Dead To Me" on the 30th of October. Check it out HERE. Also take a look at their website and social media sites. Website:





Kaleido band members: Christina Chriss (vocals) Joey Fava (drums)

Cody Morales (bass)

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