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Kansas Hardcore Act REVISIONIST Debuts “Deathbed Kings” Video

Kansas Hardcore Act REVISIONIST Debuts “Deathbed Kings” Video

Watch “Deathbed Kings” Today via Outburn

The Emptiness of Gravity EP Due Out May 21

Kansas hardcore collective REVISIONIST has issued a second single and video, “Deathbed Kings,” from the forthcoming The Emptiness of Gravity EP.

Watch “Deathbed Kings” now via Outburn at

“Deathbed Kings” offers a glimpse into the rising issue of declining mental health as people around the world live in fear and cut themselves off from the outside due to the global pandemic. “This song focuses on some darker content while still trying to give some hope,” says drummer Josh Peavey. “Hope is something I think we could use right now.”

Musically, “Deathbed Kings” is an all-out aural assault. “‘Deathbed Kings’ is my favorite drum song on the record,” vocalist Eric Martin says. “It just rips.”

Founded in Wichita in 2016, REVISIONIST formed with the intent to do one simple thing - write unrelentingly honest music, devoid of any gimmicks. Harkening back to the chaos driven sounds of early 2000s-era hardcore and metal, REVISIONIST pulls no punches and delivers on that promise on the six-track EP The Emptiness of Gravity. Check out the crushing first single “Half Moon” at

The Emptiness of Gravity was recorded at Rio Grande Studios in Albuquerque with Aaron Gillespie (Underoath, Paramore, The Almost).

Featuring former members of The Gentlemen Homicide, Take it Back!, the members of REVISIONIST have amassed well over a decade of cumulative experience prior to setting forth the goal to take music back to a simpler and purer time, when its message equally important. REVISIONIST’s debut album, Culling, was produced by Jeff Sayhoun (Letlive) and released in 2018. The group released three videos from the album: “Culling,” “Lifer” and “Salient.”

REVISIONIST is endorsed by ESP Guitars, Enki Cases and Engl Amps.


Max Abood - Bass

Joshua Barbee - Guitar

Eric Martin - Vocals

Joshua Peavey - Drums


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