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Kingsmen Drop 'Trial By Fire'; Brand New Track & Official Music Video

KINGSMEN Drop Brand New Single & Music Video "TRIAL BY FIRE"

Watch Here | Listen Here

Photo Credit - Ian Urquhart

Providence, RI quintet, Kingsmen, have dropped bombastic new single and accompanying music video - "Trial By Fire" today via Sharptone Records. Exhibiting a slight stylistic shift from the band's previous output, the new track exhibits arena-conquering riffing and a phenomenally catchy-but-powerful vocal, courtesy of the clean stylings of frontman Tanner Guimond.

Speaking on "Trial By Fire", Kingsmen frontman Tanner Guimond shares:

"Trial By Fire" was created after we took a full band trip to Gettysburg the day before entering the studio. In December 2020, the world and especially our country seemed extremely divided and tense. Learning about our history and understanding what our past generations of brave men and women endured gave us hope for our future. With that hope, we had an idea. We wanted to create a song that speaks about tension and how tough times can lead to a better future if we can all find a way to come together.

"The music video is full of colors of Red & Blue. We did this to subconsciously highlight that no matter what side of the political/social or economic spectrum you belong to; we all need to merge and come together to create a better future."

Find "Trial By Fire" on streaming platforms HERE and watch the official music video HERE or by clicking the image below.

"Trial By Fire" is Kingmen's first new, original release since their 2020 debut album, 'Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery' which spawned popular singles "Nightmare" and "Until I've Departed". The new track marks the beginning of the next era of Kingsmen and sets the scene for their upcoming new album, their second on Sharptone Records - keep it locked for more news on that in due course.


Setting their sights on achieving what they’ve dubbed a “big metal sound that fills up your whole brain when listening to it between the headphones,” Providence, RI 5-piece, Kingsmen are back with first new single, in two years, "Trial By Fire". Ushering in the dawning of a new era for the band.

Returning with new influences, locations, producers, and creative process compared to their 2020 debut, 'Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery", things were naturally bound to change. The point of a successful evolution is becoming the best version of oneself. And to do so, remaining true to one’s core elements is a vital factor. As a result, the band didn’t aim for a trend, they made a point to return to their roots. Reflecting on his classical training, frontman, Tanner Guimond even found himself rediscovering a singing voice he felt he had left in the past long ago, but was destined to revisit.

Choosing to return to their roots, the band embrace the fighting spirit at the core of Kingsmen, connecting with listeners through universal themes and lyrical stories ranging from championing positivity to coming together in the face of adversity. Shining light and hope into all they do is something the band has no intention of changing. As Guimond eloquently puts it,

“To be a kingsman is to be someone that has the courage to endure the worst, but still reflect the best parts of humanity. So, with all of our songs, that’s what we try and showcase. There’s no way that anyone will go through life without experiencing some terrible things. But to grow from that… to become a better person after the fact is, we believe, one of the true purposes of life. Maybe someday we’ll do something wild like a concept album with ogres and elves. But we really believe that when you’re conveying your emotions through music, it comes across when you’re being honest. So as often as we can, and as many different ways possible, there’s no doubt that you’ll see a lot more of that kind of attitude through our music in the future.”

Kingsmen Are:

Tanner Guimond - Vocals

Tim Lucier - Guitar

Nick Gilbert - Guitar

Adam Bakelman - Bass

Mike Perrotta - Drums

Find Kingsmen Online

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