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Check out Emmy's review of KISS KISS BANG EP below.

The brand new EP from the Kentucky based rock band Kiss Kiss Bang, Hungry, High & Seeing Things is the culmination of a band living in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic left a lot of artist stuck at a stand-still. With the world shut down and nothing to do but wait, artist do what artist do...create. Over the course of the pandemic, Kiss Kiss Bang came together, safely, and recorded four new tracks. With a hired drummer and one founding member short, the band spent three days beating out these new songs before going into the studio.

The EP starts out with a feel good track Solid Good that has a very radio friendly vibe. High Price (For Peace Of Mind) is a single off the record, as stated the EP was a child of the recent pandemic and I feel like it puts some of the feelings we all have been having into music.

Easy 2 Love is the third track and my favorite track off the EP. I love this 90s hard rock vibe that smacks you in the face. This is one of my favorite songs I have heard released this year. The passion in frontman Trevor Smith's voice is totally out of the world. This is going to be a mainstay in my playlist.

The EP closes out on Slow Motion which has more of a bluesy rock vibe and it's a great ending to a fantastic piece of work.

I am actually blown away by how good this EP is, please go check out Hungry, High & Seeing Things. It's so good.

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