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KISSIN’ DYNAMITE: New Album “Not The End Of The Road” Out Now!

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE: New Album, Not The End Of The Road, Out Now | Get Your Copy HERE!

Static Video for “No One Dies A Virgin” Released | Watch HERE!

Exclusive Album Release Streaming Show on January 22 | Grab Your Ticket HERE!

[Photo Credit: Holger Fichtner & Patrick Schneiderwind]

German Rock sensation KISSIN’ DYNAMITE have finally released their seventh studio album, Not The End Of The Road - continuing the success story of their previous album, Ecstasy (#7 on the GER album charts), and their very own high-voltage stadium rock sound. The band scored the #3 spot on the German Rock Radio Airplay Charts with the single “Not The End Of The Road”, and stayed in the Top 10 for weeks.

The album release is accompanied by the static video for “No One Dies A Virgin”, that hits the spot with its sing-along lyrics and the addictive vocal textures of singer Hannes Braun. The song gets you in the perfect mood and is made for big stages and chanting crowds!

Celebrate the album release with KISSIN’ DYNAMITE and tune in on January 22 for their Exclusive Release Streaming Show starting at 8pm CET/2pm EST/11am PST!

Singer Hannes Braun on the new song:

“Kurt Cobain once said "Nobody Dies A Virgin - Life fucks us all". This is an awesome quote because it's so meaningful! You can drive as much cars as you want, own big mansions and have the most beautiful girls - It doesn't even matter.

Cuz at least once in our lifes , we must face a bitter truth and then we fall. Deep. As deep as possible.

Therefore you should never ever think that you're something better! Fate has its own plans for you.

No One Dies A Virgin - In The Very End Life Fucks Us All.”

Watch the Static Video for “No One Dies A Virgin” HERE:

Founded in 2007, German heavy metal formation KISSIN’ DYNAMITE have made more than just a name for themselves in the scene: With six studio albums and various chart entries, the band established their trademark style - characterized by modern sound, massive anthems and catchy hooks paired with an 80s stadium rock attitude and eccentric look. Now, the five piece is ready to release their Napalm Records debut, Not The End Of The Road, and usher in heavy metal!

The new studio album was produced, recorded and mixed by vocalist Hannes Braun (Südland Music) himself, who has also worked with bands like Santiano, The Kelly Family and Beyond The Black. Mastering was completed by Grammy Award winning producer Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios, known for his work with bands like Volbeat and many more.

Ande Braun on the new album:

"Not The End Of The Road is an album that accurately describes our experiences as a band since Ecstasy in 2018. First and foremost, we highlight with songs like “Not The End Of The Road”, “What Goes Up”, “Yoko Ono” and “Only The Dead”: We're up for it, we're pulling together and we want to reach the rock Olympus! Titles like “Coming Home”, “Gone For Good” and “Scars”, on the other hand, deal with real feelings like loneliness, homesickness and sadness, which are also part of life."

Hannes Braun adds:

"With Ecstasy, we already didn't make any compromises and just wanted to compose music that speaks from us. Not The End Of The Road seamlessly picks up exactly here."

Get Your Copy of Not The End Of The Road NOW!

With Not The End Of The Road, KISSIN’ DYNAMITE set another milestone in their successful discography: In guitar-driven power metal fashion, the tune of the intro and title track “Not The End Of The Road” prepares the listener for a thrilling road trip and new anthems straight from the heart of the KISSIN’ DYNAMITE universe. Crusher “What Goes Up” takes its listener into the truly spectacular soundscapes that make stadiums shake and convinces with Aerosmith-like guitar attacks and an anthemic hook. But KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are also not afraid to show their mellower side, as heard on delightfully tranquil tracks like “Good Life” and “Gone For Good” - not only showcasing the almost calm touches pervading the melodies, but also presenting the softer side of Braun’s vocal repertoire. While tracks like “No One Dies A Virgin” and “Yoko Ono” symbolize catchy party hymns, standouts “Coming Home” and “Defeat It” underline their origins of stadium rock without being pigeonholed. “Voodoo Spell” manifests the variety of the band and their different influences - starting with strong dark rock elements, the song becomes an opus that easily competes with the biggest stadium giants. The album’s closer, “Scars”, proves once again that KISSIN’ DYNAMITE can reach the depths and showcase lyrical vulnerability - an impressive ending that screams to be played live.

Not The End Of The Road track listing:

1. Not the End of the Road

2. What Goes Up

3. Only the Dead

4. Good Life

5, Yoko Ono

6. Coming Home

7. All for a Halleluja

8. No One Dies a Virgin

9. Gone for Good

10. Defeat It

11. Voodoo Spell

12. Scars

Not The End Of The Road is available in the following formats:

CD Digipack

LP Gatefold Vinyl Black

LP Gatefold Vinyl White

LP Gatefold Vinyl Glow In The Dark

LP Gatefold Vinyl Marbled Red/Black + Slipmat

LP Gatefold Vinyl Crystal Clear




Digital album


Hannes Braun – vocals

Ande Braun – guitar

Jim Müller – guitar

Steffen Haile – bass

Sebastian Berg – drums

Connect with KISSIN’ DYNAMITE:






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