Kobra and the Lotus- Evolution

Evolution is the much-anticipated follow up to 2018’s Prevail II and is the sixth full-length release from Kobra and the Lotus. Formed in 2009 by Kobra Paige, Kobra and the Lotus have gone through several members over the years.

The current, and by far the most solid lineup to date, also includes guitarist’s Jasio Kulikowski and Ronny Gutierrez, bassist Brad Kennedy, and drummer Marcus Lee.

Evolution is packed full of power, melody, and really packs a punch. Intro track “Evodem” is an eerily arranged piece with a bit of a classical and symphonic vibe. It leads into the powerful rifftastic “Evolution.” Kobra Paige shines on this opening track with powerful vocals and shows off her classically trained voice during the catchy chorus. Fantastic guitar work that includes a mixture of power and progressive metal as well as some acoustic guitar in the bridge section.

Next up is the first single from the album. “Burn!” is a groove-laden rocker that comes in at just 2:45. In a perfect world, it has everything needed to become a hit. It is a hard-hitting track with a catchy chorus and has the ever-important hook. Kobra Paige shows of some of her range on “We Come Undone.” Full of catchy riffs and a heavy breakdown, this track definitely gets the blood flowing.

Kobra and the Lotus switch things up a bit with “Wounds.” This track is a straightforward rocker with somewhat of an alternative rock vibe and then hits you with a shredding guitar solo and a hook-laden bridge. “Thundersmith” is another straightforward rock track. I’ll take that back. With lines like “I ain’t gonna lose…Everytime you said I couldn’t…Jokes on you,” this song is more of an anthem. Words of wisdom from Kobra Paige.

“Circus” is a mid-tempo track and kicks off with some classical influenced guitar, and, in my opinion, is another anthem. It includes more words to live by. In the chorus, Kobra Paige sings the lines “Nobody owns me, Nobody owns my broken bones, No matter the pressure, No one can break me, I won’t fold, And I won’t be, I won’t be bought and sold.” This song really grooves. It is yet another fine piece of work by KATL.

Classical guitar and the beautiful vocal harmonies of Kobra Paige shine on the amazing ballad “Wash Away.” She also shows off her classically trained voice. I don’t know what else to say other than that this is one of the most beautiful songs that I have ever heard.

KATL pick the pace back up with “Liar.” This track offers more groove-laden riffs, a catchy hook and a powerful bridge section. Hey Kobra Paige! You’re definitely getting through!

Kobra Paige has a secret to tell on “Get The Fuck Out Of Here.” This track really rocks and gets the point across. KATL change up the pace a few times throughout this rocker and it all flows together superbly. It goes from fast paced to mid-tempo and back again. You better listen when Kobra Paige says to “Wake the fuck up!”

Closing out the album are brutal guitar riffs, bone crushing drums, thunderous bass, and powerful vocals on “In The End.” This song is so powerful and is a great way to close out the album. Once again, KATL bring it all on this track with power, melody, amazing lyrics, phenomenal instrumentation, and a catchy hook.

My overall opinion of this album is that it is the best release to date from Kobra Paige and company. Each song flows into the next and the title Evolution is a perfect description for the songs contained on the album. Upon listening to the lyrics on the album, it is apparent that Kobra Paige has evolved from an undesirable situation, as this album seems to tell a bit of a story. This is an instant classic. You can order the album HERE

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