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KONVENT Premieres Lyric Video For “Harena” | New Album, “Call Down The Sun”, Out This Friday!

KONVENT Unleashes Lyric Video For "Harena" | Watch the New Clip HERE!

New Album, Call Down The Sun, out This Friday, March 11, 2022 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order HERE!

[photo: Sebastian Apel]

Danish brutal death doom metal act KONVENT is currently gearing up for the release of their sophomore, critically acclaimed album Call Down The Sun, out this Friday, March 11, 2022 via Napalm Records. To shorten your wait, the Copenhagen-based band just unleashed a third album single alongside a new lyric video! Featuring a haunting violin and cello guest performance by Felix Havstad, on “Harena”, KONVENT creates a dark, eerie yet epic atmosphere, revealing threatening yet beautiful facets of their sound.

The band comments:

“Harena is an inner dialogue about self doubt, even though you know you’re meant for something bigger. During this dialogue, you convince yourself it’s better to stay at status quo, because the feeling of dissatisfaction has become a well known safe space, though the outcome could be so much greater if you took a chance."

Watch the new music video for "Harena" HERE:

After their debut full-length album, Puritan Masochism, took the entire doom and heavy metal scene by storm upon its release two years ago, KONVENT returns with a sophomore offering that doubles down on the band’s songwriting talent and brutal, heavy sound. The sonic evolution of KONVENT over the course of just two years is immediately evident on Call Down The Sun, surprising with new elements at every turn.

Undoubtedly inspired by recent dark times, the band’s upcoming album is more pissed off, fast-paced and pitch black throughout. Rikke Emilie List’s guttural, sublime growls and fierce screams perfectly integrate with a heavy as hell wall of blackened death and funeral doom metal riffs from guitarist Sara Helena Nørregaard, backed by a thick, profound rhythm section provided by bassist Heidi Withington Brink and drummer Julie Simonsen.

Recorded and mixed by Lasse Ballade at Ballade Studios, Copenhagen and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studio, Call Down The Sun unleashes a thunderous apocalyptic sound, and a vibrant record that is not only poised to top 2022 Album Of The Year lists, but reign as one of the best death and blackened doom metal records of modern times!

Pre-Order Call Down The Sun HERE!


01. Into The Distance

02. Sand Is King

03. In The Soot

04. Grains

05. Fatamorgana

06. Interlude

07. Never Rest

08. Pipe Dreams

09. Harena

Call Down The Sun will be available in various formats in varying territories:

1-CD Digisleeve

1-LP Gatefold Vinyl Black

1-LP Gatefold Vinyl Viole(n)t Black Marbled Edition (Napalm Records exclusive, ltd to 500)

MC (Napalm Records exclusive, ltd to 100)

Bundle - 1-CD Inside Out Digisleeve + Shirt

[1-LP Gatefold Vinyl Viole(n)t Black Marbled Edition (Napalm Records exclusive, ltd to 500)]


Rikke Emilie List – Vocals

Sara Helena Nørregaard – Guitar

Heidi Withington Brink – Bass

Julie Simonsen – Drums

KONVENT online:

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