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Finnish five-piece LAMORI keeps stirring things up in the goth rock camp, as they have for over a decade now. Fusing their nordic goth rock roots with modern metal, electronics, dark wave, and everything in between, they create their own neon-lit flavor of the genre.

THE EYE OF THE STORM is the band's latest track from their upcoming album NEON BLOOD FIRE. The song is all about deceptiveness, that nothing really is as it seems. It begins with the cover art, a masterful artwork titled "False Dawn" by Julian Faylona of ElementJ21 Design. The lyrics have a very apocalyptic atmosphere, telling of desperate souls filled with disillusionment and frustration, and their descent into the darkness to pursue radical change. We are in the midst of the minds that are caught up in the momentum, who have lost all critical reflection and are blindly following ideologies without question.

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LAMORI is hailing from the Aland Islands of Finland. Formed in 2009, the lineup has remained unchanged. However, their sound continues to evolve with each release.

NEON BLOOD FIRE, the band's fourth album to be released by Wormholedeath, will refine the soundscapes heard on the 2020 released NEO NOIR, but also introduce completely new elements to the mix. This album will have some of the heaviest LAMORI songs ever heard!

BAND LINEUP Matias Juselius, vocals Marcus Pellas, guitar Mikael Westerlund, bass Jens Wickholm, keys Emanuel Sanchez, drums

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