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LAST KISS GOODNIGHT Unveils New Lyric Video for Hard Rocking Track “Stitches”

LAST KISS GOODNIGHT Unveils New Lyric Video for Hard Rocking Track “Stitches”

Debut Album, “Immortal,” Available Now

With their debut album, Immortal, Maryland rockers LAST KISS GOODNIGHT have positioned themselves at the top of the new rock revival, and the band’s latest lyric video for track “Stitches” further cements that status.

The video for “Stitches” highlights inner darkness and broken pieces of the past, as interpreted by director Zabi Ali, reflecting the song’s lyrics about a time of healing. Check out the video now at

“Musicians and artists tend to give all we have creatively to projects or pieces that we are passionate about, sometimes to the point of exhaustion or complete transformation,” says vocalist Ray Patricks. “We’ll go into a project with tunnel vision and then have total disregard for ourselves and/or others that we are connected to during the creative process. Then, when we come out of that artistic mode - or wake up from whatever force that was behind the creativity - we find that that we may have lost pieces of ourselves long the way. It is almost like a past-you was battling a present-you. Almost schizophrenic or an out of body experience. With creativity, a person needs a thick skin in order not to become a lump of mushy clay. And when we come out on the other side of creation, it’s not without scars.”

The Maryland-based hard rock band has also released videos for the songs “Love Separation,” “Miss Anything,” “Son of a Gun” and “All That Was Beautiful” from Immortal.

The video for “Love Separation” is available at

Watch “Miss Anything,” which debuted at the #2 most added spot on the Foundations SMR chart and tied for the #3 most added spot on the Billboard (BDS) Mainstream Rock Indicator chart, at

Check out “Son of a Gun,” a hard rocker with a gun slinger swagger, at, and the official video for “All That Was Beautiful,” released last week, at

Formed in 2018, Maryland-based hard rock outfit LAST KISS GOODNIGHT is a collective of seasoned musicians who have each performed alongside some of the top names in rock music. After tiring of playing in cover bands, drummer and band founder Robert Lasky turned to an online app designed to connect musicians and teamed up with rhythm guitarist Dan Stroud. The two began writing together and ultimately connected with some of the best musicians in the Baltimore area. They crafted and fine-tuned 20+ songs for nine months before eventually enlisting the help of Tacoma-based singer Ray Patricks. After demoing the songs that would become their debut album, it only took a plane ticket and 35 days before the band emerged from the studio with a finished record, produced by the legendary Frank Marchand (Bob Mould).

Citing ‘90s-era rockers as the main influence for LAST KISS GOODNIGHT, the quintet will resonate with fans of nostalgic, hard-hitting rock and alt/grunge rock. 

Immortal is available to stream via Spotify at

One listen to Immortal will prove that LAST KISS GOODNIGHT is


Ray Patricks - Vocals

Dan Stroud – Guitar

Carlo Pizarro - Guitar

Kevin Baker - Bass

Robert Lasky - Drums LAST KISS GOODNIGHT online:

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