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Le Butcherettes is back on the music scene with their fourth studio album release titled bi/Mental. This is album is one that is influenced by the mental health issues of this present time. It is a message that is considered taboo which should not be so and should be discussed a hell of a lot more than it is. I, myself am bi-polar and I use to be ashamed of it, not anymore. I spent many years in an extremely dark place without letting myself get help that I needed. I am a lucky person to have gotten the help that I need and I now I am happy with myself. Enough about me though. This album is a process of learning about one’s self. It has a spirit throughout that will lift you up in an unusual way. 

The first track from this album is titled “spider/WAVES” and it features Jello Biafra. It is a hard hitting track from the start. It has a great drum throughout. The band has an original sound that will remind anyone of what Bjork always brought to music. Jello Biafra adds another dimension to this song which will have any toe tapping. It has great riffs throughout the song. The subject which is up front and center in this tune is eternal strife. There is a spoken word within this track that will make you think. 

Another song from bi/Mental is “strong/ENOUGH”, it starts with a soft clacking sound with soft lyrics to follow. The drums welcomes in with a strong beat with the vocals being in a much more sad sounding voice. The song itself shows the human spirit is strong. Do not let anyone disrespect you is the strong message of this track. “in/THE END” begins with a low sound softness that slows the pace of what you hear in the tracks before. The flute works well with the semi-electronic music that is introduced throughout this song. The drums are a standout on this tune.

Another notable track is “depressed/IN A MATTER OF SPEECH” which tackles the subject of depression. It is the beginning that draws you in and takes you to another alternate plane. It still has a touch of semi-electronic sound and the drums keep a beat that you pay attention to. The song in a nutshell so to speak, is one that can be uplifting or taken as sadness. It is a matter of whether you look at the glass half full or half empty, remember that is a choice of how you approach being positive or negative.


Bi/Mental ends with the song “BREATH” it is a strong track with a start which is a bit of static on purpose. It is slowly to a build-up of a dream-like sound that makes you feel the pain which is coming through. This song is positive in a very underlying way. The drums come in like beast to pick up a more fast pace beat. It is a wake-up call when the drums, bass and guitar that enters into the song. This is a song with passion and the best on this album. It ends this album well on a note to remind us that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Overall this album is about hope, strife, love, and finding peace of mind. It is a story that all go through. It brings a message that even though you may have a mental disorder of any kind that there is a way to combat and lead a happy and productive life. This is what I take away after hearing it. A good album from a band that is out on the road right now, so check them out.

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