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"LIGHTS" - Single/Video Released From Burden of the Sky - New album slated for 2021!

Burden of the Skyis a alt-metal/hard rock band that has taken the effervescent dance tones of Ellie Goulding's hit single "Lights"and given the pop song a whole new level of sound! Raising the bar, Burden of the Sky has released their cover of "Lights"in form of a rock song that carries an underlying sense of their alt-metal/hard rock sound. Their dynamic abilities really define this single to be its own and without question: Burden of the Sky's. A definitive alt metal/hard rock fusion is what guitarists Brad Shaw and Josh Appel along with keyboardist Michael Mahoney, bassist Dustin Tritsch, drummer Rick Streeter, and vocalist Scottie James have mastered with "Lights" . A striking take that is sure to become a favorite.

"Goulding’s dark pop fantasy dance track is recast here as an Active Rock/emo-ish bliss out jam is amazing! The band doesn’t sacrifice their natural energy or aggression, but the tracks’ epic chorus hooks are still present!" - Ghost Cult Magazine


"We chose to cover "Lights" because it connects us with our universal fear of the dark. We all know what it feels like to be alone and frightened in a dark place; paralyzed by fear and uncertainty. It's a fear that is rooted in our fear of the unknown - our undeniable lack of control. We feel this song inspires courage where there is fear and we want to shine some light to those who feel lost in the dark."

"LIGHTS" has been featured in Ghost Killer Entertainment.

Burden Of The Sky is a hard-rock / metal project based out of Bloomington, IL. Their sound sets the bar higher with granitic production, larger-than-life guitar tones, and soaring vocals that are perfectly blended in with the songwriting aesthetics of the band. Back in 2018, the group collaborated with Colt Capperrune (an award-winning Nashville producer) to take their sound to the next level and wrap up one of their best-received singles, “Sirens.” Since then, they came back with a fearless new release, aptly named “Sine Timore,” which highlights the band’s new-found focus and passion!

Find out more about Burden Of The Sky and do not miss out on the band’s releases, activities, and events.

Burden of the Sky is currently in the process of writing songs for their next release which is to be released in 2021.

“Thank you to our sound engineer Eric Kalina and The Sound Aura . Thank you to our manager Jason Williams . Thank you to all of our fans who support BOTS and our music in any way.”

-Burden of the Sky

"Lights" was written and originally released by Ellie Goulding.

"Lights" was produced by Erik Kalina at The Sound Aura STREAM/DOWNLOAD "LIGHTS" Burden of the Sky Website Burden of the Sky Facebook Burden of the Sky Instagram Burden of the Sky Youtube Burden of the Sky Twitter

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