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Lisa Danaë Unleashes Anthemic “STARLET” An Epic Tribute to Self-Love and Owning Your Own Identity

Release Date: Friday, June 19, 2020

Los Angeles, CA (June 19, 2020)

Filipina-American pop diva, Lisa Danaë, shows the world how to walk up and take center-stage in her new single “STARLET”. Written based on a line from a review of her previous work, the track is a bombastic, arena-rocking showcase that sets the pop princess apart from the crowd.

When Musical Notes Global wrote that, “Rising Filipina-American pop starlet, Lisa Danaë, totally gets it,” they likely didn’t realize that their praise was going to inspire more of what they liked. “I told my co-writer, a girl named jaen, and she said ‘We need to write a song called Starlet’,” explains Danaë, “From there, it became about how I always wished I was like other celebrities until I realized how I was forging my own path. I am my own Starlet.”

The song features rolling synth plucks, smooth vocal tones, and a thunderous chorus drop. It echoes Halsey’s emotional frankness and Taylor Swift’s fearless attitude to the spotlight. Between lyrics that will speak to the heart of any struggling artist, and a production that gives the track an impact bordering on the cinematic, pop music lovers everywhere will have an easy time finding a place in their lives for “STARLET”.

Lisa Danaë has been working and recording in the world of pop since 2013. Hailing from California, and a beloved fan of Disney from a young age, this child of the nineties has been performing since single digits. Her music is focused on empowering through vulnerability.

“STARLET” is the first of three singles she will be releasing this year. She routinely performs Livestream shows and regularly releases a talk-music podcast called Sound Scrub.

Listen to “STARLET” now.

Writers: a girl named Jaen and Lisa Danaë Producer & mixing: John McLucas

Co-producers: a girl named Jaen and Lisa Danaë

Additional production: Andrew Simmons

Mastered by: Seth Munson

Photo credit: Josh Suguitan


EPK  RELEASE DATE: "STARLET" (single) - June 19, 2020

TAGS TO COPY/PASTE:  Lisa Danae, Anthemic, Pop, Dark Pop, Electronic, Trap, Self-Love

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Lisa Danaë

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