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LITTLE KING - Amber Waves (GoodBye)

Broken Hearts mend through music, and Little King is gonna do its part to get you through it…

Little King has caught the Singles Bug and has cooked up another tune for your heart and mind! This one is titled “Amber Waves (GoodBye)” and is set for worldwide release on August 8, 2023. The single will be released on all digital platforms, and those links can be found here:

“Amber Waves (GoodBye)” is a radically different musical and lyrical direction from the last single, “Silver Tongue,” which was released on March 25, 2023. The new song also features a new team of musicians and production cats! Ryan Rosoff again plays guitar and sings, while Daniel Salcido of Command Space Audio in Los Angeles engineered and mixed the track (and played the shake-a shake-a’s, as there are no drums on “Amber Waves (GoodBye)”) Studio whiz Matt Dougherty from Chicago played bass (LK mainstay Manny Tejeda was busy with his newborn baby, so Matt stood in for this one!) Finally, Grammy-winning mastering master Brad Blackwood took it across the finish line with his expertise and kindness.

“Amber Waves (GoodBye)” blends acoustic power rock with some progressive touches. The track builds quickly and crescendos mightily in the final chorus. At 2:52 long, it’s certainly the shortest song Little King has ever released as a single…less than half the length of “Silver Tongue!” 26 years in, the band is still creating original, dynamic, intelligent rock that demands repeat listens.

Hear all 7 of Little King’s full length albums and EP’s at, visit them on social media @littlekingtunes, and find them on YouTube at Little King Official.

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