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LIVING METAL announce new album | Premiere new song "It's Only About Heavy Metal"

LIVING METAL announce new album | Premiere new song "It's Only About Heavy Metal"

¡'Do You Believe in Steel?' coming Sept 29th!

LIVING METAL, the Brazilian traditional Heavy Metal band, has just shown the world a new audiovisual material. This is the music video for the song "It's Only About Heavy Metal." This is the first single of the band's upcoming studio album "Do You Believe in Steel?", which will be released on September 29th. This recent audiovisual content was produced by Lauro Nightrealm and recorded and mixed at Casanegra Studio, by Rafael Augusto Lopes.

Regarding this new release, the band stated the following:

Rafael Romanelli, guitar player, said:"I think this moment is very important for the band, because it was not easy to carry out this work. We spent more than 2 years working on this album, even in the current pandemic situation, which has made things very difficult. It's very fullfilling for us, keeping in mind that it is the first song on our first full album, with the full band, with everyone recording their part as a band and not as on the EP which was more like a project.

Pedro Zupo, lead singer, stated: "It's Only About Heavy Metal" is much more than a song, it is a summary of the band's proposal. In a present day full of hatred, judgments and prejudices, Heavy Metal should be our cry for freedom, where we can take refuge and have fun. Living Metal is about this, about the pleasure of listening to good music while drinking an ice cold beer. I feel like we managed to synthesize that on this track. I am anxious that people can hear not only this song but all the songs from ´Do You Believe in Steel? ´, the new album. "

LIVING METAL - "It's Only About Heavy Metal"


LIVING METAL is a Metal band originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil and, formed by Rafael Romanelli in 2018, with the aim of being the Brazilian exponent of traditional heavy metal worldwide.

The name of the band has two possible meanings: “Metal that lives” or “Metal as a way of life”. That is the perfect summary of Living Metal's proposal, which seeks to rescue the approach of heavy metal as a form of entertainment (alcohol, motorcycles, travel, sex, etc.), inspired by classic groups such as Judas Priest, Manowar, Accept, Saxon and much more.

The band's first EP, also called “Living Metal”, was released in October 2018, with the singles and music videos “Fire On Two Wheels” and “Hail The True Metal”, which had many guest appearances such as: Jackie Chambers (Girlschool), Steve Morrison (Tysondog), Matthew Graham (Blitzkrieg), Scala Mercalli, Torture Squad, Vitinho Rodrigues (ex- Torture Squad and ex- Voodoo Priest), Pastore, Fernanda Lira (Crypta) and Prika Amaral (Nervosa). The first work was echoed in the specialized media and attracted the attention of many promoters around the world. In this way, Living Metal was invited to share the stage with legends of the genre such as Picture, Raven, Leather Leone, Whiplash, Skull Fist, Air Raid, Warhammer, Vulcano and Torture Squad.

In May 2020, the compilation “Hail The World Metal”, led by Living Metal, brought together 23 bands from 21 different countries. Immediately after, with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the band needed to reorganize their way of working, given the current health situation.

Thus, the group had the initiative to invite musicians and bands from other countries for a series of collaborations in order to cover metal classics. These recordings were released on the band's YouTube channel and are also available on major streaming platforms.

By staying active even with the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Living Metal achieved its goal of continuing to entertain its fans. This work was recognized with invitations to the Roadie Crew Online Fest (festival of the largest metal magazine in Brazil), and also by three live broadcasts with established bands from the Brazilian scene, such as Krisiun, Scars and The Law Kill Destroy. Living Metal has the focus on their first studio album, scheduled for release on September 29, 2021, with 10 brutal songs that show the might of a class band.

1 – It’s Only About Heavy Metal

2 – We Are Metal…You Are Not!

3 – Hitting The Road

4 – Alcohol

5 – By The Honor Of The Blade

6 – I Am The True

7 – Bells Of Freedom

8 – I Live By The Sin

9 – Night Action

10 – Do You Believe In Steel?


  • Pedro Zupo: Vocals

  • Rafael Romanelli: Guitar

  • Jonas Soares: Guitar

  • João Ribeiro: Bass

  • Jean Praelli: Drums

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