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LOTUS THRONES' Industrialized Goth Rock Opus,"The Heretic Souvenir," Is Out Now!

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Philadelphia industrial, post-punk outfit LOTUS THRONES has released released its second, full-length album, "The Heretic Souvenir," today with Disorder Recordings (CD/Digital) and Seeing Red Records (Vinyl). Available for purchase and streaming everywhere, the progressive new record is the latest from prolific, multi-instrumentalist Heath Rave (ex-WOLVHAMMER, ex-ACROSS TUNDRAS) and takes listeners on a dark musical journey, weaving through genres with industrial synth and devastating riffs. Commenting on lyrical message behind "The Heretic Souvenir," Rave states: Have you ever had a memory of a particular person or time that brought you back to such joy for a moment that the loss of it sends you spiraling into oblivion? That is this album. The what if’s, the regrets and the saddest hope that those things could return to you someday, despite what may have been destroyed. Knowing that’s it’s best to let it die, but you just can’t let it go. That warm blanket of pain that lets you sleep forever. Purchase "The Heretic Souvenir": Stream "The Heretic Souvenir": Apple Music - Spotify - More From "The Heretic Souvenir": "Roses" Music Video - "BOTOXDRONE$" Music Video: "Gore Orphanage" Music Video:

"The Heretic Souvenir" Tracklisting:

1. Gore Orphanage

2. B0T0XDR0NE$

3. Alpha Centauri

4. Glassed

5. Roses

6. Autumn Of The Heretic Souvenir

7. Nautilus

About LOTUS THRONES: When Heath Rave first sat down started creating music solo as Lotus Thrones in late 2020 he had no set parameters or end goals. While his resume is firmly rooted in metal, the former Wolvhammer and Across Tundras drummer had long desired to make something that while still heavy and uncompromising, had a melodic sensibility and unflinching edge of experimentation. What came forth was a singular vision of riff-laden industrial post-punk splattered with elements of metal, goth and touches of noir jazz and electronic music.

The debut record “Lovers in Wartime” showcased his love bands like Killing Joke and Ministry at its bleaker moments while touching on the bombast of Sisters of Mercy and Samhain. Not only heavy, it plainly showed a level of sophistication in its stark, disparaging sounds and a proud vulnerability in its lyrical content. Touching on subjects like addiction, isolation and depression, Heath Rave opened up and bared truths about emotions we’ve all felt. On his 4 seasonal follow up EP’s he released throughout 2021 and 2022 he distilled the sound of each one, taking chances and experimenting with post-metal, synthwave and doom all the while having a touch of himself throughout that was unmistakable. In 2022 he also expanded Lotus Thrones to a full live line up, including David Grossman (Rosetta, New Miserable Experience), Joshua Kost (Model Prisoner, New Miserable Experience), Mathew Geary (Cape of Bats) and Jason Dost (Krieg, Sunburster). Nothing short of prolific, the well is full and Lotus Thrones has more to come in the near future.


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