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LYDIA CAN'T BREATHE Release Official Music Video for "Killerz"

Lydia Can't Breathe's electrifying track "Killerz" boasts a top-notch production by the dynamic duo of Andrew Wade and Andy Karpovck, who expertly crafted the sound at The Audio Compound in sunny Orlando, Florida. These two gifted producers have left their mark on the music scene, having previously collaborated with renowned acts such as Motionless in White, Attila, and A Day To Remember. Their collective expertise and creative synergy brought "Killerz" to life!

The new video "Killerz " by Lydia Can't Breathe shows a quick glimpse about the grim consequences of unpaid debts in the underworld, where power and respect are won by ruthless violence. "The visuals we got in this video are unreal! We shot it at an airport and got actual skydiving footage! The song tells a dark and heavy tale of a mercenary. The protagonist is consumed by his lust for power and respect, which he derives from his terrifying profession. The chorus is a chilling plea for mercy, suggesting the perspective of the hitman’s victims. The song speaks to the desperation, fear and regret that can come from making dangerous choices, and the brutal reality of a life ruled by power and violence. It gives a raw and visceral insight into both psyche of the violent enforcer and the fear of those facing imminent death," says the band's frontman Kyle Bolduc.

WATCH Lydia Can't Breathe - "Killerz" (Official Video):

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