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Lylith Pop debuts new video and single “Submissão” - now streaming worldwide!

Lylith Pop debuts new video and single “Submissão” - now streaming worldwide!

New pop metal artist Lilyth Pop releases new single, entitled “Submissão”, which arrives accompanied by a bombastic music video, being the third track on the EP “De Volta à Liberdade”, to be released in early 2022.

The song brings a mix of Rock’n’Roll with Aggressive Pop, inspired by the Grammy-nominated singer POPPY. As its own cry for freedom, the single directly announces all the rottenness of patriarchy and its countless attempts to silence, oppress, harass, control and dictate how we should live, especially as a woman, in a society that teaches us not to dare to confront and just obey.

The single embodies the viscerality of a wild soul that demands for justice and a place to speak, respecting its limits unafraid to assume who we truly are and criticizing stereotypes "ordered" to those who are different or minority.

‘’For me 'Submissão' is the music that defines me in every way as an artist, expression and sound. Submission is the mirror of my soul, the moment you listen, you'll know what I'm like", commented Lilyth Pop. "The rebellion, they are in a kind of warehouse, and little by little they are completely rebelling against their oppressor. It's the cry of enough!”.

Listen to “Submissão”:

Lylith Pop - Submissão (Official Music Video)

Lylith Pop is a singer and songwriter based in São Paulo / Brazil who has as references New Wave, Synthpop, Pop and Punk. Her stage name is inspired by the mythological goddess Lilith, the first witch and feminist in history, symbol of resistance who fought against all oppression of divine machismo, along with the term "Pop" from the father of punk, Iggy Pop. Her musical career began at the age of 13, right after having had the opportunity to sing with Lady Gaga in Porto Alegre, in one of the concerts on the singer's tour. Since then, she has released and produced unpublished original songs, has already represented Brazil at the Punta Del Este International Song Contest in 2014 and participated in four editions of SBT's Máquina da Fama program (Celebrity Tunnel").

Lylith is currently releasing her first EP titled ‘De Volta à Liberdade’. The project as a whole is about a process of healing a heart fraught with trauma and pain that often come back to haunt. “It is the awakening to the liberation of everything that doesn't add up, that doesn't do any good. Thus, the rebirth from the ashes after welcoming and accepting both our darkness and our light. In ‘De Volta à Liberdade’ we embrace this duality to get back to life. Lylith's compositions talk about these issues in an accessible way, at a mental, emotional and spiritual level”, comments the singer.

Genre: Alternative Metal / Pop Metal

Producer: Lylith Pop and Yuri Veiga

Recording: Yuri Veiga Studio and Audio Porto Studio

Master and Mix: Joe Black

Video clip production: Adriana Vargas, Aline Dillenburg and Lylith Pop

Photography: Luísa Nunes

Artwork: Seripha Sigma

Line up:

Lylith Pop (vocals and composition)

Eduardo Schuler (drums)

Henrique Cabreira (guitar)

For more about LYLITH POP, visit the official channels:

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