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M-Theory Audio - IMMORTAL GUARDIAN New Single “Roots Run Deep”

Single Download HERE. (for media use only)

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN New Single “Roots Run Deep” includes guest vocals from Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear)

5th new song and music video released from the Power/Progressive Metal band’s upcoming new album

Photo Credit - Arturo Pina

Hotly anticipated Power/Progressive Metal band IMMORTAL GUARDIAN continue building the anticipation for their next opus, sporadically issuing new material as it completes as we head towards a late summer release of the band’s next full album. Today, the group unveils “Roots Run Deep” along with a corresponding music video. To heighten the experience the group has enlisted the services of famed vocalist Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, ex-Gamma Ray) who guests alongside IMMORTAL GUARDIAN singer Carlos Zema.

Recording independently and remotely the quartet is assembling the follow-up to 2021’s successful ‘Psychosomatic’ track-by-track and sharing the material as it completes, along with visually captivating music videos, that again the self-contained group produces themselves. Check out “Roots Run Deep” on all streaming/download services (Spotify), or watch the clip at

“This Super Metal style song brings together the powerful vocals of Mr. Scheepers with Immortal Guardian’s signature sound to create an epic and inspiring anthem,” explains Carlos. “’Roots Run Deep’ takes us on a journey back to a time when we were all united before our differences and conflicts divided us. It reminds us that we all share a common history and that as a society we must learn to survive the separations and unite to conquer. With a message of hope, unity, and perseverance, ‘Roots Run Deep’ encourages us to make the world a better place. So let us embrace our shared history and let this song inspire us to make a positive change in the world. Thank you for watching this powerful and inspiring video.”

“’Roots Run Deep’ is about the levels of today’s division. Black and white, religion vs religion, left vs right, rich and poor, war and peace, etc.,” further explains guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian. “The world is so divided right now and what we want more than ever is unity. This song is about putting our differences aside and remembering that we are all humans just trying to survive. We all just want a happy life, and that would be more likely to happen if we all just agreed to disagree and respect each other and celebrate the things that make us all so different and unique.”

Heavy topics are not unfamiliar to Immortal Guardian whose previous album focused on the Covid pandemic, likely the first full album to be thematically linked to the disease and its effect on the globe and its people. In the past year, Immortal Guardian has revealed four other brand new songs including “Perfect Person,”Ozona,” “Echoes” and “Southern Rain” forming a basis for their next conceptual piece, ‘Unite and Conquer.’ The band will continue to share new material as the creative process proceeds to build up to a new full-length album planned for late summer 2023. Watch for pre-orders soon for CDs and limited-color vinyl variants. More info will be released by Immortal Guardian and M-Theory Audio in the weeks and months to follow.

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN is: Gabriel Guardian – guitars/keyboards Carlos Zema – vocals Justin Piedimonte – drums Joshua Lopez – bass For more info:

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"A mega-catchy prog-power anthem (Read Between The Lines) mixed with a blend of crushing performances that'll leave you salivating for more." - Metal Injection

"Immortal Guardian are a band that are so technically proficient that it's infuriating. Gabriel Guardian is, as usual, the star of Psychosomatic with his self-dueling guitar/keyboard work, but the shiny new rhythm section is right there with him. The album covers a lot of ground. It's power metal at it's core but some moments sound very Dethklok, while others have a bit of a Latin flare, and you're also getting classical influences." - Metal Injection "Psychosomatic, an album that will likely be viewed as one of 2021’s best releases, and a landmark record for Immortal Guardian. " - Metal Nation "“Psychosomatic” is a super catchy (Prog) Power Metal album" - Metalheads Forever Magazine

"With this album (Psychosomatic) Immortal Guardian should no longer be seen as a promising band. Not only have they shown that they have an enormous compositional quality and an elite technical level, they have also shown that they are a band that faces difficulties and that they have all the will to continue. Making a high-quality second album two years after their dazzling debut tells us about the enormous inner power these musicians have." - Metal Rules

"“QUARAN-TAAAAAYN!” No matter what you think about Immortal Guardian, it’s refreshing to hear a band that plays their style while confronting modern life. Though there’s a lot of big, epic, technical stuff going on on Psychosomatic, it never devolves into a lot of bullshit about chivalry and orcs. As such, they feel poised to be the inheritors of Nevermore’s throne, a gritty power metal band who feel relevant even as they soar. Get this in your brain." - The Pit "If you enjoyed Age of Revolution, you are bound to be thrilled by Psychosomatic. The band continues to up their game with technical thrills, but grounds it in some darker and personal songwriting that gives it a slight edge over their previous material. An easy pick-up for those in the power/prog section." - Dead Rhetoric


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