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Marcelyn, the band Release Music Video For "Guilloteens"

Marcelyn, the band Release Music Video For "Guilloteens"

Photo: Jordan Lyric

 Indie/alt rock band Marcelyn, the band have released a new music video for their single "Guilloteens". Featured on their latest LP "Monstrous Existence," "Guiloteens" is a relaxing, raw highlight of the album. The video is a testament to the trio's versatility and unique ability to create a cohesive visual. Marcelyn, the band features a wide range of instruments on their new LP, delving into dynamic, organic production. Originally introduced through two recently-released singles, "Quarantine Song" and "Empty Room," the LP is the bold result of various frustrations felt by the band throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Marcelyn, the band is something both fragile and deadly with a heavy helping of kickass. Originally the solo project of classically-trained singer Marcelyn Lebovitz, this band has now grown into a three-piece force to be reckoned with, featuring namesake Marcelyn on vocals and ukulele, her brother Mike on bass, and Travis Martin on drums, keyboard and guitar. The trio serves indie rock weirdness on a silver platter with a side of smooth vocals, audacious bass playing, and groovy beats. 

Their debut LP "Indignities & Depravities" was released on June 1, 2018; their second "This is Woman's Lib?" came out on August 8, 2019. “Monstrous Existence,” their third album, will be available everywhere on September 25, 2020. Two singles, “Quarantine Song” and “Empty Room,” are already streaming. The band used to play shows throughout the United States (mostly in their hometown of Philadelphia), but since the pandemic it’s been livestreams on Instagram. Wear a mask.


Marcelyn, the band: "Guilloteens" music video


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