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Matriarchs - The Shape Of C#Nt$ To Come - (Metallic Hardcore)

Matriarchs - 'The Shape Of C#Nt$ To Come' (Metallic Hardcore)

Release Date: October, 2021

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MATRIARCHS is a metallic hardcore band formed by Ben Levi (Cutthroat, Fate Destroyed) in Los Angeles in 2012, inspired by his affinity for Beat Down and ‘90s New York metallic hardcore. Ben had played with drummer Alfred Santa Cruz, bassist Miguel Vasquez and guitarist Marty Cole in several other projects throughout the last decade so they were no strangers to getting creative together. After playing their first show to a packed house the boys never looked back. They've gone on to play with bands like Soulfly, Harm's Way, Disgrace, Bane, Backtrack, Sworn Enemy and Vision Of Disorder.

An ambitious release produced by Nick Jett of Terror, and mastered by Matt Hyde (Lionheart, Hatebreed, Deftones), Scandalous Jointz fused together the visual aesthetic and presentation of more thought-provoking heavy acts with the sonic ferocity and energy of hardcore. A few national festivals and two tours later saw the band taking a hiatus and reflecting on what the general direction and purpose of the band would be.

In 2018 MATRIARCHS parted ways with vocalist Richard Barthel. After teaming up with Jeremy Valentyne and Brandon Wolfe to produce their new release, adding veteran Carlos Pagan to the lineup on guitar and meeting new vocalist K Enagonio during the pandemic, the band found the new fire it needed. In K the band finds its truest voice. Over the quarantine they wrote their second full length, Year of the Rat, released last fall through KnucklehedzINC and Upstate Records.

Their follow to that effort, a stream series entitled The Shape Of C#nts To Come, will be released this October.

'Ascendancy' is set to be released on October 5.

You can preview the first single/video 'Ascendancy', here:

“The Shape of C#NT$ to come” which features seven new kick-ass metallic Hardcore tracks by Ben Levi, Carlos Pagan and K Enagonio, as well as a guest appearance by Jarren Benton.

If you loved the latest highly anticipated release “Year of the Rat” by Martriarchs for its inexorable soundscapes, “The Shape of C#NT$ to come” will blow your mind. On their new album, the Californian band is notching up their performance in multiple ways. The brutality of the metallic riffs is way more intense than before, the Hardcore breaks are even harsher, and finally even the melodic passages of the songs have been improved by a lot.

The song ‘Shadow Work’ is a great example of the rough and yet sophisticated songwriting that Matriarchs provide us with. Massive riffs sharp like razorblades are connected by a Mathcore-like transition and burst into a brachial Metalcore breakdown. This album is full of surprises. Despite all the brutality, vocalist K Enagonio masterfully adds clean vocals to the soundscape when not screaming at the top of the lungs. Those melodic lead vocals remind me of early Fear Factory, while the final track ‘EdgeLorde’ is a powerful Rapcore hymn for fans of acts such as Such A Surge, or Gebrüder Manns.

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The following singles are planned for The Shape Of C#nts To Come:

Ascendancy – October 5, 2021

R.A.N – November 19, 2021

Solace – December 10, 2021

Edgelorde – January 1, 2022

KarmaSutraPuta – February 14, 2022

Shadow Work – March 18, 2022

Follow the band at these links:

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