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Michael Fulkerson - Full Metal Pitbull - (Industrial Metal)

Michael Fulkerson - Full Metal Pitbull (Industrial Metal)

Michael Fulkerson releases his latest album, Full Metal Pitbull, to the masses. Once again, he goes against the grain in all he does.

Michael Fulkerson sings about his wrongful conviction, which makes this album personal to him. Fulkerson was born profound deaf in both ears and has limited hearing. However, he has made immense improvements on Full Metal Pitbull compared to his other works. The famous composer, Beethoven, was completely deaf and he made beautiful classical music. Fulkerson is no different than Beethoven with his own hearing loss and his newest release. Fulkerson is a solo artist, hails from Gothenburg, Nebraska and is 45 years old.

Compared to his other works, you can hear and understand the lyrics on this one. He has no influences on this album as his music is different and stands out from the norm, as he goes against the grain. However, his music sounds Industrial Metal at most, hard to say as his music is different and if you like Metal, well, there you go. Stay tuned for his next album, set to be released in April or May 2021.

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