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MILITIA VOX With THE VATICANTS Premiere "Living for Nothing" at Metal Sucks Today!

Screaming the Theme for Women's History Month 2022: "Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope"... MILITIA VOX With THE VATICANTS Showcase "Living for Nothing" at Metal Sucks Today Watch HERE!

photo credit: Samantha Frazier

"LIVING FOR NOTHING" single available for download and streaming on March 25, 2022.



"I'm thrilled to be asked to sing this song- the words are beyond relevant in these modern times. Mental and emotional health are no longer dirty words or deep dark secrets. Everyone can say it out loud now when they are going through it and not be shamed for it. "LIVING FOR NOTHING" is an anthem for anyone who gets sensitive to life's discontents. I hope it empowers those who need an outlet for their frustrations and it gives them strength." - Militia Vox

MILITIA VOX is featured on THE VATICANTS' new release “LIVING FOR NOTHING.” This is one of the most powerful rock songs to hit the modern music scene. At the height of the pandemic, they connected & collaborated with like-minded musicians from across the globe to create the best possible team to execute this vision. Lead guitarist Marko and songwriter Judd Gruenbaum (Dry Cell) agreed that “LIVING FOR NOTHING” has never had more meaning than today - with relevant lyrics reflecting today’s social, economic and emotional climate, “LIVING FOR NOTHING” is an anthem for survival. Vocalist Militia Vox is known for her haunting, daring and aggressively feminine style. She has worked with Rob Halford (Judas Priest), John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Twisted Sister and Living Colour. Joining forces, The Vaticants and Militia Vox showcase their unparalleled talent, diversity and powerful collective energy on this epic masterpiece.

"LIVING FOR NOTHING" single available for download and streaming on March 25, 2022

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photo credit: Samantha Frazier


Militia’s mesmerizing presence, raw power and 4 octave vocal range has captured the hearts of icons and outsiders alike. Militia is an award-winning solo music and visual artist, frontwoman of all-female heavy metal sensation Judas Priestess and touring artist with Black Women Rock! Militia was the 1st Host/VJ of color on Fuse / Much Music USA and Hosted Fuse’s 1st reality TV show “Heavy Metal Makeover.” Militia has also Hosted / appeared on MTV2, Vh1, Global TV and Afropunk events. She has starred in Off-Broadway, National and European Tours of rock musicals, including Dee Snider’s “Van Helsing’s Curse.” She is featured in the film documentary “They Say I’m Different” about the life of funk-rock legend Betty Davis. Militia also produces music, film, AR/VR/XR and immersive events with her company, Militious Productions.

"Push Comes To Shove” by supergroup Bad Penny, features Militia Vox with heavy metal legend, Rob Halford. The song debuted at #32 on the Itunes Rock Charts, it has over 200K+ streams on Spotify and the music video has 160K+ views on YouTube.

Watch "Push Comes To Shove" here:

Militia Vox explains "After the vocal session, I asked Michael Holtzman(songwriter, guitarist from Bad Penny) how they found me. They said they took a poll at the Bad Penny camp, the Judas Priest camp and Tony Bruno's (Producer, Rihanna's music director) camp, asking for recommendations for the new singer to go toe to toe with the metal god, Rob Halford. They asked "Who's not famous yet, but should be?" ...and my name came up a few times. Incessant thanks to them!"

Militia Vox also shares, "Working with Rob Halford was a dream come true. I respect him so much as an artist, vocalist, lyricist and soul. He’s the greatest voice teacher I’ve ever had- by no intention of his own!" She adds, "I was sitting in a CoViD testing spot, anxiously waiting for my results. I had tested positive a week prior, did my time and was hoping for a clean result. As I’m waiting, I see an email on my phone titled, 'Duet with Rob Halford?' I immediately thought it was some kind of sick joke. I read the email thinking, 'I wonder how many people they sent this to?' Music was attached. I open it, saying to myself ‘it’s probably some shitty demo.’ The music plays and it’s high quality. Then I think, ‘oh, it’s probably a demo with someone else singing as a placeholder’ then I hear Halford’s voice. ‘Well, it’s probably not a proper duet, they just want me to do the hook.’ Then I hear spaces in the song- vocal space during a verse and a bridge with very other line out. I melted- it’s a proper duet! Just at that moment, they told me I tested negative! I responded to the email and the rest is herstory. Best day ever."

Militia has a BFA from Boston Conservatory at Berklee and has Music Certificates from Harvard X and Berklee Online. She speaks at colleges and conferences such as Berklee College of Music, NAMM and SXSW. She currently models for Manic Panic - the #1 alternative hair color company in the world.



Formed in 2015 in Los Angeles, California, The Vaticants consists of lead guitarist Marko Jankovic, violinist Sheena G., bassist J.T. Lopez and drummer Lamar Little. Together they deliver a unique, original, orchestral, hard-hitting sound with a timeless symphonic edge. The Vaticants are a classical rock journey!


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