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Modern Darkwave Act EMPTY STREETS Reveals “Heartthrob of the Ages” Video + "Age of Regret"

Modern Darkwave Act EMPTY STREETS Reveals “Heartthrob of the Ages” Video + Age of Regret EP Available Today via Cleopatra

Watch “Heartthrob of the Ages” Now via New Noise

The latest single from Cleopatra recording artist EMPTY STREETS, “Heartthrob of the Ages,” sees songwriter/actor Aaron Thompson in his most unshielded state as he continues to tackle the personal demons exposed on the six-track Age of Regret EP, out today.

“‘Heartthrob of the Ages’ is my most vulnerable song to date - a direct confrontation with my fading youth, my ‘fame’ in the adult world and the Hollywood machine in general,” Thompson says. “A humbling reminder that no matter how impressive a life one may appear to lead, it’s nothing if you can’t conquer your own inner demons.”

Watch the video for “Heartthrob of the Ages” today via New Noise at “For this video, we got up at 5 a.m. and just ran around shooting guerrilla style in Brooklyn during sunrise,” says Thompson. “Everything was pretty much one take. I had just flown in from LA and hadn’t slept so the weariness you see on my face is very real.”

Age of Regret boasts a keyboard-based modern darkwave sound reminiscent of the best of late ‘80s/early ‘90s dark synth pop. The six-song EP represents a catharsis for Thompson, confronting many of his demons and struggles, from growing up the son of a preacher, to living with Tourette’s and mental health issues and the isolation and pressure that comes with being an award-winning adult film star – all the while on a bitter quest to find beauty and redemption. Watch the videos for the EP’s first two singles, "Age of Regret” and “Pleaser,” to further explore Thompson’s musical purge.

Age of Regret was mixed and mastered by Jaime Preciado (Pierce The Veil), with whom Thompson worked virtually throughout the entire process. Additional production was provided by The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman (“All You Deserve”) and goth/synth artist Ophelia, with additional mixing and mastering by Shawn McGhee. The EP also features a guest appearance by L.A. Guns guitarist Ace Von Johnson on the track “Was That Not Enough.”

Age of Regret is available now at

Age of Regret track listing:


2-Age of Regret

3-All You Deserve


5-Hearththrob of the Ages

6-Was That Not Enough (feat. Ace Von Johnson)

7-I’ve Been Riding with a Ghost (Jason Molina/Songs: Ohio cover)

Though EMPTY STREETS may be new to many listeners, Thompson has a long musical history, in addition to his successful foray into the adult industry under the alter-ego Small Hands. But before he ever stepped in front of the camera to film his first hardcore sex scene, Thompson was setting stages ablaze around the globe with his hardcore rock shows. EMPTY STREETS represents a return to form for this multi-talented artist.

Thompson grew up the son of a preacher in San Diego, California. From the moment he was gifted his first guitar, he turned from humming church hymns to playing the devil’s music on his six-string. In 2003 Thompson stormed the San Diego music scene when he founded the band The Stranger’s Six, for which he was the frontman and songwriter. The band’s infectious live performance sold out notable venues like The Casbah, SOMA and House of Blues, and landed the group shared billing with the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars, TSOL, Panic at the Disco, Dashboard Confessional, The Misfits and The Cult. They were regularly nominated for “Best Punk Band” at the San Diego music awards alongside other local legends Pierce the Veil, Blink 182, and The Locust. In 2007 The Stranger’s Six signed to Koch Records, and went on several US tours, including the Warped Tour.

In 2012 Thompson joined the band Fenix TX on their headlining European Tour, which covered over 20 countries. That year, Aaron also became romantically engaged with adult film legend Joanna Angel. Thompson first dabbled in the adult industry by writing original scores for her Burning Angel films. But as the pair’s lives became more entwined, he took on more and more roles in Angel’s production team until he eventually stepped in front of the camera as “Small Hands.” Within a few years, Small Hands went from co-staring alongside Angel to winning “Male Performer of the Year” awards from every single adult trade association: AVN, Xbiz, XRCO, Adult DVD Talk, The Alt Awards and The Inked Awards.

In 2020 Thompson returned to music with his solo project EMPTY STREETS, which infuses his hardcore rock and roll roots with a darker, sexier edge. The brooding musical project released a debut EP, Demons, released last summer, which pulled from a variety of heavier influences, including Nick Cave, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, VNV Nation, while also introducing a number of surprises. Thompson’s talents were soon recognized by Dillinger Escape Plan’s Benjamin Weinman, who collaborated on EMPTY STREETS for the track “Fracas” on Weinman’s Patreon page. While working the follow-up to Demons, EMPTY STREETS released a teaser of “Age of Regret,” piquing the interest of Cleopatra Records.


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