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Montreal's DEAD VELVET Meld Subtle Beauties In Destruction And Chaos With Debut Single “The Dogs”

Montreal's DEAD VELVET Meld Subtle Beauties In Destruction And Chaos With Debut Single “The Dogs”

L-R - Jesse (Vocals), Corey (Bass), Stretch (Guitar), Tylor (Drums)

Montreal’s Dead Velvet is a fresh new band that blends a bouncy, contagious, genre-crossing sound with a heartfelt poetic retelling of personal experiences, the first taste of which being the video single “The Dogs”. The single is about tainted relationships and is a great precursor to the music they’re going to be releasing in the future. The band is an interesting, well-thought-out mix of multiple genres, blurring the lines between old-school nu-metal, hardcore, and modern metal.

When the music for the track was being written, guitarist Eric (Stretch) Villeneuve was going for a trap vibe and hoping to infuse it with the get-on-your-feet energy that is present in hip hop. The structure pulls you in and spits you back out through its grooves and bumps and when the hook comes in it knocks you on your ass. The band explains the track:

“'The Dogs' is the first song that we decided to share with the world and we chose this one because we find it well represents the general sound and musical aesthetic that we’re going for. It’s a blistering tale of lost love and trying to push past all the pain in a relationship to make it work when, really, it would probably make more sense to just leave. It’s about empty promises and broken dreams, and I think that’s something that many people have been through and a message that almost all of us can connect with on some level.”

Going forward, Dead Velvet plans to release a series of singles to show listeners what they're capable of. They are making music that will get people on their feet and give them a reason to move. Welcome to the dead gang.

Aggressive, dark, and dirty, Dead Velvet is recommended for fans of Deftones, Stray From The Path, and Korn.

“The Dogs” can be seen and heard via its music video premiere on Metal Worldwide YouTube channel -

“The Dogs” is available for stream and download on the following digital platforms -

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Based out of Montreal, Quebec, Dead Velvet is a metal band formed in 2021. Striving to serve up their own poetic blend of atmospheric chaos, dirty grooves and emotional turmoil, they are set out to provide provocative, intense, no bullshit performances.

Pulling in influences from multiple genres including nu-metal, hardcore, hip-hop and everything in between, they are sure to make you move your feet. Their first single “The Dogs”, recorded with Maxime Lacroix of House Of Gain studios, will be out in early 2022. With a multitude of other bone-crushing tunes in the works, Dead Velvet are making their way to a stage near you.

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