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MOONSPELL Announces Very Special Halloween Show – Virtual Stream Tickets Available!


MOONSPELL Announces Very Special Halloween Show – Virtual Stream Tickets Available! Get Your Tickets via the Links Below

[ MOONSPELL, 2020, photo by Rui Vasco ]

In the darkest of years, MOONSPELL have announced that they will perform a special live Halloween show, taking place in the South of Portugal in an ancient town named Beja, on October 31, 2020! At the local theatre Pax Julia, originally built in 1928, the band will deliver their annual and own brand of Halloween to the world: An exclusive, socially distanced live concert for 300 guests that can also be witnessed virtually by the wolfpack worldwide, who have been scattered and lying in wait for this to happen since lockdown began. Under a full moon, the show will begin at 1:30 PM PDT/4:30 PM EDT. MOONSPELL will put an amazing show, host a once-in-a-lifetime production and give fans the chance to watch LIVE + COMMENT! Via the virtual streaming link – available at the platform BOL – fans can watch the event live, rewatch, or watch for the first time! The link will be available for 48 hours after the end of the show. Grab your ticket for the physical or virtual live experience with MOONSPELL this Halloween via the following links: BUY TICKETS:

Virtual ticket HERE

Physical ticket HERE (limited to 300 tickets) Upgrade tickets + merch bundles are available at: or on (you need to have a valid ticket). As mentioned, the show will be limited to 300 guests at the historic location of the theatre in Beja, which is considered a low-risk territory. Regardless, the show will run under strict hygiene guidelines and precautions, with a minimum social distance requirement of 1.5-2m, and attendees will be required to wear masks onsite.


MOONSPELL have witnessed firsthand that Portugal is at the front of the charge when it comes to organizing safe shows in these uncertain times. As the band just shared their first live experiences online: "Under a beautiful Portuguese sky we returned to our live performances. Congrats to the Wolfpack, whom even with a mask and sitting down, took our wolfheart to tragic heights. Thanks also for being so civilized, observing the rules while enjoying the show. Without you there’s no tomorrow. Kudos to the promoter, city hall and all the technicians and security.” This Halloween will see them LIVE at one of their most special shows to date: "From Beja, Portugal, to the world out there, we are proud to present you HALLOWEEN 2.0, the event Moonspell fans have eagerly awaited for!“

It’s no secret that MOONSPELL, in more than 25 years of their band history, have always been close to their dedicated fanbase, delivering special and captivating shows on countless, extensive tours all over the world, and creating an impressive back catalogue of diverse, impactful and versatile records, which influenced entire dark and gothic metal generations. Just recently, MOONSPELL launched a Patreon page and welcomes you to become a member of the band’s exclusive and official fanclub, the WOLFPACK! Run by MOONSPELL directly, the fanclub is offering exciting and various models to engage closer with the band and to enjoy priority, exclusive experiences not to be found anywhere else than in the WOLFPACK. Be it exclusive news and content, as well as merchandise, show tickets, meet & greets, and a great deal of amazing, in-depth experiences with MOONSPELL and their members, all support goes directly to the band. Become a member of the pack now and chose which wolf you are at THIS LOCATION!

Order MOONSPELL music, merchandise and more, including the recent reissue of their masterpiece The Butterfly Effect, HERE MOONSPELL online:

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