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Mordkaul releases “For I Am Machine”, first track of the upcoming album “Feeding The Machine”

Belgian Melodic Death metal band MORDKAUL releases with “For I Am Machine”, the first track from their upcoming album “Feeding The Machine – Part 1”

“For I Am Machine” can be called the title track of that new album and is about man becoming a machine in today’s society. Heart and mind are biochemical engines. Replace endorfines with gasoline and become pure machine…

Where the songs on Dress Code: Blood were heavily inspired by the iconic Swedish death metal bands from the 90's, For I Am Machine is one of those songs that go a step further than that. Expect more aggressive dual vocals, shredding solos and a full arsenal of blast beats and groovy parts.

Feeding The Machine - Part 1 was recorded at the end of Summer 2022 at Project Zero studio by Yarne Heylen. Just like with Dress Code: Blood, mixing and mastering was done by Dan Swanö. Release of the album is planned on February 16th 2023.


Watch the video here:



Music written by Tim Bekaert

Vocals done by Tommy Goffin

Lyrics written by Raf Biesmans / Tommy Goffin

Recording done at Project Zero Studios, Belgium

Mixing / Mastering done by Unisound (Dan Swano)

Artwork by Timur Khabirov

Video by Aimed & Framed


For fans of:

· At The Gates

· Morbid Angel

· Death

· Dark Tranquility

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