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Mr.Maggot And The The Red King! (Nu Metal / Industrial)

Mr. Maggot  - "The Red King" (Nu Metal / Industrial)

Mr.Maggot and the The Red King!

Third single from Mr.Maggot’s upcoming album Before the new age. Again trying something new and this time going a bit harder and taking some NU-Metal influences. Before the new age is going to be a suffering story of people who struggle to survive in these days digital world.

The Red king is the turning point when you lose yourself and get alienated from the real world.


Mr.Maggot is rock/industrial solo project of self taught musician and a die hard horror fan in 2020. After spending years in other band projects and when the last one dried up in 2018. He decided to put band life in hold and focused on making horror short films to YouTube and horror-photographing to Instagram under the name of Mr.Maggot. Inspired by he’s previous experience with music video development and band photographing. But music has always had a special place in he’s life so it could not be forgotten completely. So studying of mixing and mastering was going on in the background. In December of 2019 he’s demo song ”Flatline”, which was used mainly to study mixing. Started to sound like a real song! After some comment rounds among friends and in sound-cloud. Flatline started to sound even better and better. So in 2020 development of the first solo album started and the name Mr.Maggot became a solo-project.

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ISRC: FIK6A2000003

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