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Multi-Layered Progressive Metal Act GOD Release New Album God V Sin Part I

Multi-Layered Progressive Metal Act GOD Releases GOD V Sin Part I

Since 2016, GOD has been challenging listeners to consider Him as well as their life and death through the power of progressive, multi layered instrumental music. GOD is void of all lyrics to allow inception to take place in the mind of each listener as they listen to the music. The journey to create 33 albums before death continues with the latest release, GOD V - Sin - Part I. This much shorter, easier to consume GOD release takes on the process of sin itself, the seven deadly sins and the paradoxical. GOD is a musical journey of progressive metal styles blended into one, thematic, cinematic, musical score set across 33 concept albums. Enjoy here:



About GOD:

GOD’s epic sound is captured using three types of bass guitar, one hybrid, and a variety of electric and acoustic guitars. There are no synths employed on any of GOD’s albums.

The motivation behind GOD stems this mysterious sinner’s personal failure to read the Holy Bible fully, instead relying on others’ interpretations and beliefs. “Basically, believing without reading was a failure to the foundation of personal faith,” GOD says. In 2016, the enigmatic musician was called to explore and create as a personal testimony in life till death. GOD’s goal is to release 33 albums before death.

The GOD moniker is not intended to express delusions of grandeur, but rather to use the concept of “inception,” where a small idea propagates into a powerful concept in one’s mind. Using this concept, GOD is simply used as a word, and its interpretations lay in the mind of the listener. Similarly, GOD’s music is a spiritual journey left to listener’s own mind and experience.

Thousands of fans across 77 countries of been listening, sharing and supporting GOD. 9.2 hours of GOD's, progressive instrumental music has been released since 2016.

All GOD music is free for the lifetime of the project on Bandcamp. Each album releases first on Bandcamp, then major streaming platforms worldwide following each release.

GOD is available on all major platforms - Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Etc.

GOD online:

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