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Musician & Alt-Model Lyzzie Larosa a.k.a. babychaos Releases Monstrous New Track "Playgod" Today

Musician & Alt-Model Lyzzie Larosa a.k.a. babychaos Releases Monstrous New Track "Playgod" Today

photo by Daniel Nyman

Listen Here: "Playgod"

She is somewhere between a Bratz Doll, a cult leader and a rockstar. 20 year old vocalist and alt-model Lyzzie Larosa, known online and by her fans as babychaos, releases her fourth original single “PLAYGOD” today. Inspired by rap, metal and industrial music, the track’s lyrics revolve around the concept of a crashing god complex and sexually-charged, female self-empowerment. babychaos implements various religious references, such as sitting on a Catholic priest’s church chair, holding black rosary beads and wearing a crown of thorns on the single art.

Lyzzie wrote the lyrics during a time of questioning her confidence and path in life, and her producer/significant other, Dali Lavey produced, mixed and mastered the track. Lyzzie explains “The term PLAYGOD is a double entendre, meaning we can “role play” and pretend to be God ourselves, or “play/trick” God to think we’re washed away of all our wrongdoing as long as we pretend to be holier than thou.” She further states “the usage of religion isn’t for the idea of being shocking, I’ve always loved the beauty and regality of things like cathedrals and the royal gem tones often used inside of them.”

Order "PLAYGOD" Today Here: babychaos - PLAYGOD (

photo by Daniel Nyman

babychaos is currently working on her first EP alongside Dorian Dolore previously of bands Stitched Up Heart and Psyclon Nine. She is also preparing for her debut concert scheduled for 2022.

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Photo by Jeremy Saffer

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