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A bit rainy and a bit of a chill in the air, but that did not stop people in Dallas of coming out to Myles Kennedy and Friends at Canton Hall. Let’s get real, Myles Kennedy is a talent who is in so many bands that I am not sure who is busier, him or Scott Wilson, (If you are not familiar with Scott Wilson google him). Canton Hall is a music venue that is big and nice on the inside. It is no wonder that many bands choose this venue to play. When most people think of Dallas, Texas they think of warm weather or the TV show, but it does have a great music scene.

The show began with the openers The Walking Papers, a rock band from Seattle, who rocked Canton Hall. I am sure they made new fans that night. They rocked the house with an eclectic show. Anytime you see a band live that you have only heard, it is always a good experience. The audience was getting into the music and that made it even more exciting. As more of a crowd came into Canton Hall, the anticipation grew to see Myles Kennedy take to the stage.

Myles Kennedy took to the stage with a roar from the now full Canton Hall crowd. Simple lighting worked well with the set which rocked the hall. Devil on the Wall kicked off the set for the night. The guitars were magnificent, switching between acoustic an electric throughout the set. Playing songs which the audience went crazy for such as Addicted to Pain which is from his band Alter Bridge and World on Fire from his work with Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. A good cover of the Iron Maiden song The Trooper was well received by the crowd. The show ended with Love Can Heal, I agree whole-heartedly with this song.

A performance that was stunning as well as intriguing, if given an opportunity in your city to see this show, go for it, no disappointment. To say Mr. Kennedy is a talent for the music industry sorry to say this is incorrect, he is a talent for the ages. He will continue to thrive as an artist and musician in every way possible. An exciting night and a good show is a good remedy for anything. Rock On!

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