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New Promo: Chrome Waves - "Earth Will Shed Its Skin" - April 28

For your consideration and review, please find the link below to an advance, watermarked download/stream of Chicago post-black metal band CHROME WAVES’ upcoming, fifth full-length album, Earth Will Shed Its Skin, that’d due out April 28th from M-Theory Audio. If you could, please take a listen. I’d appreciate hearing your feedback and any consideration for editorial coverage around its release. If you’re unfamiliar, Chrome Waves formed in 2010 and features members from Abigail Williams, Novembers Doom, Nachtmystium and Wolvhammer. Together the band found mass critical acclaim on past releases with their distinct balance of black metal and post, ambient sound. Current Singles: “The Nail” / “Under The Weight Of A Billion Souls For Fans Of: Deafheaven, Lantlos, Agalloch, The Atlas Moth Social Links: Facebook / Instagram Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Austin Griswold Secret Service Publicity

Chrome Waves

Earth Will Shed Its Skin

M-Theory Audio

28 April 2023

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